A Modal Dialog Plugin for jQuery

There are a number of great jQuery modal plug-ins that already exist. So, why am I cluttering the interwebs with yet another one? There are a number of reasons:

  • form[1]Feature Bloat – A number of plug-ins offer a lot of features. At times so many features that the plug-in became too complicated to use. I want the plug-in to be simple to integrate into my page.
  • Styling Issues – Some modal plug-ins do not separate the CSS for visual styling (e.g. border and background-color) the modal from those styles necessary to create a modal (e.g. positioning and z-index). I want the visual styling to be 100% in my page’s CSS.
  • Learning Experience – This is probably the most important reason (at least to me). Writing code, using your creations and sharing them with the community are three ‘bullet-proof’ ways to improve your skills.

For more information or to download check out the demo page!


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