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A Modal Dialog Plugin for jQuery

There are a number of great jQuery modal plug-ins that already exist. So, why am I cluttering the interwebs with yet another one? There are a number of reasons: Feature Bloat – A number of plug-ins offer

A Google Maps Version 3 jQuery Plugin

As more and more devices become GPS capable or location aware, mapping will become more pervasive. This is already happening today. There are a number of mapping solutions that are available. This post will examine how to

A Simple jQuery Slide Show Plugin

I am working on a project that once again requires a slide show on the page. Previously, I posted on a more complex slide show that was configurable. This time everything is much simpler. I have a

HTML Scrolling Table With Fixed Headers jQuery Plugin

I have been searching for a nice simple jQuery plugin to convert a HTML table element to a scrolling element with a fixed header. The following demo page includes three tables. The top one has the desired

jQuery Blink Plugin

As part of a website that I am building I wanted to be able to draw the users attention to a content that is already on the page. This type of behavior may have purposes else where,