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Simple Vertical Tabs

There are really two main ways (or a combination of them) to display menus on your web page: horizontally or vertically. Some sites have a combination of the two. For instance a main horizontal menu with vertically

Create Natural Gradient Backgrounds For The Web

It is very common to use background colors to add a bit of design flare to a web site. In the ‘80s, sites seemed to be either black & white or designed (I use that term loosely)

Building A Web App – A Scrolling News Region

Note: This post is a continuation of a series of posts on the design and development of a web application for a non-profit organization. Previous Posts: Part 1: Securing Web Presence Part 2: High Level Design Part

Use Transparent Pixels To Create A Web Page With Pizzazz

Recently, Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) tweeted the following… The site does indeed have some really nice utilization of jQuery. They also have a background that changes color as you click through their menu system. Here are a few

Drop Down Menu with HTML, CSS and jQuery

I am working on a website for my wife’s non-profit. We were discussing various navigational menus and decided upon a drop down menu. A drop down menu displays a horizontal row of top level menu items. As

Tags In Less Than 5 Minutes

During this post we will explore using CSS to style the HTML <blockquote> tag. The <blockquote> tag is used to define a long quotation. This is content that your design should emphasize in your web page. The

Best Practices for using LINQ in your Data Access Layer

This post will try to expose some of the issues that commonly arise when you choose to use LINQ to SQL or LINQ to Entity in your application. First a little background. LINQ General By now most

Three State Rollover Buttons Using A Sprite

Many times on a web site you will want to have a button have three distinct visual states: normal, active, and hover. This is easily accomplished using HTML and CSS. This post will provide the details necessary

MobileMe Scrolling Image Viewer

My friend showed me photos that he has posted on-line in his MobileMe Gallery. Apple did a great job designing this web site. There is a lot to learn from this user experience. One element that I

Web Design Basics: An HTML & CSS Tutorial

Recently I was helping to introduce someone to web design. The person’s enthusiasm for learning about creating web content was apparent. He had already created a web site for his uncle. This content was created using one