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Automate Your Database Backups

I have a few blogs and other applications that leverage MySQL as a database. I wanted to automate the backup of the associated database data. My specific requirements are: Needs to work on Windows Server (my hosting

A .NET Generic Repository Pattern With Implementations

I previously blogged about the repository pattern and .NET implementations. Here are the links to those old posts: The Repository Pattern The Repository Pattern – Part 2 Since that time, I have zeroed in on a fairly

Using NHibernate in ASP.NET MVC

This is a continuation of a “truck tracker” sample application that leverages NHibernate as an object relational mapper (ORM). I previously created the entities, defined a repository interface, and implemented the repository using NHibernate. During this blog

The Repository Pattern with Linq to Fluent NHibernate and MySQL

I have heard a lot of good things about NHibernate, but have never had the opportunity to use it. In this post I will describe how to get started using Fluent NHibernate with Linq to NHibernate using

Best Practices for using LINQ in your Data Access Layer

This post will try to expose some of the issues that commonly arise when you choose to use LINQ to SQL or LINQ to Entity in your application. First a little background. LINQ General By now most

Photo Gallery – Data Access / Business Logic

There are lot’s of good reasons to separate applications into layers. One of the best reasons is to allow the application to easily be extended and maintained. Even in this small project, separation is a good. The