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I recently posted on an application that was able to monitor the desktops of multiple remote computers. The network topology is shown below. Notice that the remote computers (User 1-6 below) and the Monitoring Station are behind

Image Compression in C# for ASP.NET MVC

The last couple of posts I have been developing a web based application (ASP.NET MVC) that can be used to monitor remote computers. Transporting image data can generate a lot of network traffic and effect the performance

Monitor Multiple Computers Remotely Using ASP.NET MVC

A while ago I blogged about an optimized method of capturing remote desktop views. The method can be used to get a decent remote desktop viewing experience. This was developed a bit here and here. In the

Multiple Remote Desktop Viewer (C# / WCF)

Update: Many people have asked me to post the source code for this project. The code posted below is in a ‘prototyping’ phase. So code may not follow best coding standards and will be in severe need

Desktop Viewer (C# / WCF) Video

The best way to get a feel of the desktop viewer that we are developing is to watch it in action. I used CamStudio to capture the video. What you will see is a side by side

Fastest Screen Capture using C# – VISTA vs WIN7

Update: I recently installed Windows Version 7 RC and perceived a performance increase (more frames per second) in the Remote Desktop Viewer. I thought I would recapture the performance numbers and compare Vista to Win 7 (both

Create a Remote Desktop Viewer using C# and WCF

I have wanted to create some code that utilizes a Windows Communication Foundation service for quite some time. This blog will introduce a “remote desktop” service. The purpose is to create something that may have a use