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VirtualBox Not Starting On Windows

Symptoms Install a new instance of VirtualBox on a Windows 7/8/Server 2012 R2. After the install, attempting to start VirtualBox does not show the expected UI. Looking into the Task Manager, shows two VirtualBox processes running. Solution

Location Based Service and Geo-Fencing

The concept of location based service is really very simple. Imagine you have a map. Pick a point of interest and draw a perimeter around the point. This perimeter is your geo-fence. In the map below the

The Ideal Tablet

Apple never asked me for my requirements before they created the iPad. Well if they had, this is what I would have told them… What I Need At least a 10 inch touch screen. I am not

Product Review: ReSharper 4.5

Resharper is a tool that integrates with Visual Studio and assists developers in writing cleaner code. What is means to be “clean” is set by a number of rules / policies and any infringment is visually indicated

LT3103u Gateway Net Book Review

I have been keeping my eye on the net book environment for quite some time. I love the idea of a smaller foot print, but want the computer to be usable. I was at Best Buy (looking

GhostDoc Breaks SyntaxHighlighter

Leveraging tools is a great way to be more productive. Two tools that I regularly use are GhostDoc and SyntaxHighlighter. Sometimes one tool will cause another tools to break. Before getting into why GhostDoc causes SyntaxHighlighter to

Dual Monitor Upgrade

I really like the work flow of having dual monitors. I used to like one big monitor, and had a difficult time getting over the gap between the two monitors. After using dual monitors for over a

Geolocation via Reverse IP Address Lookup

From wikipedia, “Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an internet connected computer, mobile device, website visitor or other.” In other words, geolocation utilizes a mapping of IP address to physical location (country, region,

Posting Blog Content

You can always use the web interface for you blogging engine. However, there are easier ways. I am currently using the following tools. These tools work with the dasBlog blogging engine that I am using. Windows Live