VirtualBox Not Starting On Windows

Symptoms Install a new instance of VirtualBox on a Windows 7/8/Server 2012 R2. After the install, attempting to start VirtualBox does not show the expected UI. Looking into the Task Manager, shows two VirtualBox processes running. Solution

RabbitMq Installation on Ubuntu 12.04

Seems like there are a lot of sources with pieces of this. This worked for me on Ubuntu 12.04. sudo apt-get remove rabbitmq-server sudo apt-get install python-software-properties sudo add-apt-repository "deb testing main" wget sudo apt-key

Automate Your Database Backups

I have a few blogs and other applications that leverage MySQL as a database. I wanted to automate the backup of the associated database data. My specific requirements are: Needs to work on Windows Server (my hosting

Python Script to Build, Test and Pack .NET Projects

At work we use Jenkins as our continuous integration server. Our implementation at work has to integrate with ClearCase and does a few tasks before actually doing the build. This is pretty typical. Our setup then calls

4 Principles To Estimation Applied To Software Development

Estimating when a new software feature will be done is a tricky but important task. “When will you be done?” Typically on the other end of this question is the person writing your check. Maybe not directly,

A .NET Generic Repository Pattern With Implementations

I previously blogged about the repository pattern and .NET implementations. Here are the links to those old posts: The Repository Pattern The Repository Pattern – Part 2 Since that time, I have zeroed in on a fairly

Testing Your CRUD Using Generics

I often use a generic repository pattern as a wrapper around my data access logic. This wrapper generally serves the purpose of encapsulating specific implementation details. Here are the repository interfaces that I current use: public interface

Upload Multiple Files With Progress Using Uploadify

I previously posted on how to use Uploadify to upload files. The previous post covered really well how to upload single files to an ASP.NET MVC controller using Uploadify. This post will expand on that a bit.

A Modal Dialog Plugin for jQuery

There are a number of great jQuery modal plug-ins that already exist. So, why am I cluttering the interwebs with yet another one? There are a number of reasons: Feature Bloat – A number of plug-ins offer

Loosely Coupled JavaScript Using PubSub

I recently watched a very interesting video by Rebecca Murphy that discussed using the pubsub architecture to create loosely coupled JavaScript. The concept is to develop your JavaScript objects and allow the communication between the objects to