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Loosely Coupled JavaScript Using PubSub

I recently watched a very interesting video by Rebecca Murphy that discussed using the pubsub architecture to create loosely coupled JavaScript. The concept is to develop your JavaScript objects and allow the communication between the objects to

Web Charts Using jQuery Flot

Adding charts to your web application is simple using a library called ‘Flot’. Flot is a pure JavaScript plotting library for jQuery. It produces graphical plots of arbitrary datasets on-the-fly client side. During this post I will

Mobile Truck Tracker Web Site

I’ve been meaning to publish a bit on the mobile version of the Truck Tracker application. Previous posts have been created a geo-location service that tracks ‘trucks’ (the application can be used to track any asset as

Trip Recorder Using JavaScript’s Geolocation API and Google Maps

I recently saw Ben Nadel’s blog post that did a great job of introducing the built in browser support for geolocation. I have been meaning to write an iPhone client to collect and save GPS data as

A Rubber Band Selection Highlight Box For The Web

I recently released a web presentation framework that includes a handy highlighting feature. Below is a video of the highlighting feature in action. I also provided a ‘bookmarklet’ that you can save to enable this feature on

Web Talk – A Framework For Web Based Presentations

I recently was given the opportunity to present at a conference. The conference is targeting web developers / designers. I wanted my code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) to be functional. It seemed that transitioning between a Power

A Google Maps Version 3 jQuery Plugin

As more and more devices become GPS capable or location aware, mapping will become more pervasive. This is already happening today. There are a number of mapping solutions that are available. This post will examine how to

Browse Files On Remote Computers

I recently posted on an application that was able to monitor the desktops of multiple remote computers. The network topology is shown below. Notice that the remote computers (User 1-6 below) and the Monitoring Station are behind

Monitor Multiple Computers Remotely Using ASP.NET MVC

A while ago I blogged about an optimized method of capturing remote desktop views. The method can be used to get a decent remote desktop viewing experience. This was developed a bit here and here. In the

Asynchronous Image Updater Using jQuery

In some applications there may be an image on the server that is dynamic. I want the image rendered on my web page to reflect the changes on the server. However, the browser caching mechanism work against