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Photo Gallery – jQuery Slide Show Player

Most photo galleries have some option to allow the user to see an automated slide show. It is a nice feature and I wanted to use jQuery to implement it in the photo gallery that I have

Photo Gallery – jQuery Film Strip

As previously detailed the Photo Gallery utilizes a film strip on the left and a high resolution view in the center. The previous implementation showed all the thumbnails in a vertical film strip that could be scrolled.

Photo Gallery – jQuery Integration

In the last post, I released a version of the Photo Gallery that utilized ASP.NET and home brew JavaScript. For more information on the Photo Gallery check out the roadmap and previous posts. During this post, I

Photo Gallery – ASP.NET + JavaScript

I will try to wrap up phase 1 of the roadmap for the photo gallery project. During this article I will try to pull together any loose ends. JavaScript – Utilities One of the goals of this