Photo Gallery – A modal Silverlight login user control.

A common task in any application is to present the user with a modal dialog to gather additional information. The photo gallery uses a dialog of this type to allow the collection of login information. The following 

Photo Gallery – Silverlight Film Strip

I have done 10 posts in the past building up a photo gallery. The following summarizes some of those past blogs: Roadmap & Requirements – A description of the requirements for the project. Most important was that

GhostDoc Breaks SyntaxHighlighter

Leveraging tools is a great way to be more productive. Two tools that I regularly use are GhostDoc and SyntaxHighlighter. Sometimes one tool will cause another tools to break. Before getting into why GhostDoc causes SyntaxHighlighter to

Add Simple Tracking To dasBlog Entries

I was looking for a built in method to display the number of times a particular blog entry had been viewed in dasBlog. After spending some time looking at the API on-line and combing through the source

Multiple Remote Desktop Viewer (C# / WCF)

Update: Many people have asked me to post the source code for this project. The code posted below is in a ‘prototyping’ phase. So code may not follow best coding standards and will be in severe need

Desktop Viewer (C# / WCF) Video

The best way to get a feel of the desktop viewer that we are developing is to watch it in action. I used CamStudio to capture the video. What you will see is a side by side

Fastest Screen Capture using C# – VISTA vs WIN7

Update: I recently installed Windows Version 7 RC and perceived a performance increase (more frames per second) in the Remote Desktop Viewer. I thought I would recapture the performance numbers and compare Vista to Win 7 (both

Create a Remote Desktop Viewer using C# and WCF

I have wanted to create some code that utilizes a Windows Communication Foundation service for quite some time. This blog will introduce a “remote desktop” service. The purpose is to create something that may have a use

Dual Monitor Upgrade

I really like the work flow of having dual monitors. I used to like one big monitor, and had a difficult time getting over the gap between the two monitors. After using dual monitors for over a

Application Logging – Effectively use a logging framework.

Why add logging to your application? At some point an application may require information to be logged. There are many reasons why you may want to add logging to your application. A few are: Exception, Error, Debug