Building A Web Application – High Level Design

In our last post we secured the web presence necessary to host our web application and establish and build a community around the organization. This post will introduce the high level architecture and design of our web

Building A Web Application – Securing Web Presence

As mentioned previously, my wife is starting up a non-profit and will need a website. As a supportive husband, I have volunteered to develop a web presence for the non-profit. This will be taking up most of

Drop Down Menu with HTML, CSS and jQuery

I am working on a website for my wife’s non-profit. We were discussing various navigational menus and decided upon a drop down menu. A drop down menu displays a horizontal row of top level menu items. As

The jQuery Chaining Pattern Implemented Using C#

If you are a web developer you surely are familiar with jQuery and its ability to chain commands together. For instance: $("#someElement") // Select an element .removeClass("off") // Remove a class .css("background" : "red") // Add a

AJAX calls to ASP.NET MVC action methods using jQuery

It is best practice to use jQuery (or similar JavaScript library) for your web development. These libraries provide a powerful JavaScript API that allows you to interact with the DOM. There are many many differences between browsers

Browse Files On Remote Computers

I recently posted on an application that was able to monitor the desktops of multiple remote computers. The network topology is shown below. Notice that the remote computers (User 1-6 below) and the Monitoring Station are behind

Tags In Less Than 5 Minutes

During this post we will explore using CSS to style the HTML <blockquote> tag. The <blockquote> tag is used to define a long quotation. This is content that your design should emphasize in your web page. The

An Event Based Cron (Scheduled) Job In C#

Wikipedia defines ‘cron’ as… “Cron is a time-based job scheduler in Unix-like computer operating systems. Cron is short for Chronograph. Cron enables users to schedule jobs (commands or shell scripts) to run automatically at a certain time

Image Compression in C# for ASP.NET MVC

The last couple of posts I have been developing a web based application (ASP.NET MVC) that can be used to monitor remote computers. Transporting image data can generate a lot of network traffic and effect the performance

Monitor Multiple Computers Remotely Using ASP.NET MVC

A while ago I blogged about an optimized method of capturing remote desktop views. The method can be used to get a decent remote desktop viewing experience. This was developed a bit here and here. In the