Desktop Viewer (C# / WCF) Video

The best way to get a feel of the desktop viewer that we are developing is to watch it in action. I used CamStudio to capture the video. What you will see is a side by side display of the my desktop (left hand side) and the desktop viewer (right hand side). The adaptive approach of sending only what has changed pays of in a more responsive application. For instance, when you are just moving the mouse or typing text a very low percentage of the full screen is actually changing. Or if you are moving a window that covers 10% of the screen, then just over 10% of the screen requires refreshing. This allows the network traffic to remain at a minimum. The performance locally seems adequate. Soon, I will have a version that can be tested over the internet.

Sorry about the quality of the video. The original captured by CamStudio was clean. I think the YouTube conversion to Flash routine degraded the quality.

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