Posting Blog Content

You can always use the web interface for you blogging engine. However, there are easier ways. I am currently using the following tools. These tools work with the dasBlog blogging engine that I am using.

Windows Live Writer (WLW) – WLW is an application that runs on your computer and provides editing features. It actually interfaces with your blogging engine to pull down the layout / style (CSS). This allows WLW to render the content exactly how it will appear after you post it to your blog. Another key feature is that WLW can be extended by plug-ins.

PreCode Plug-in – This is a WLW plug-in that was created by Anthony Bouch. There are many ways to insert code. Using this plug-in is very simple. The PreCode plug-in wraps your code snippet with a beginning and ending “Pre” tags. The beginning tag has some attributes that define the language (c#) for instance.

SyntaxHighlighter – This is a JavaScript library written by Alex Gorbatchev’s. This library works dynamically renders the code that has been wrapped in the “Pre” tags. Here is an example code snippet:

/// Example method.
/// int
public int Add(int value1, int value2)
    return value1 + value2;

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