The Ideal Tablet

Apple never asked me for my requirements before they created the iPad. Well if they had, this is what I would have told them…

What I Need

  • At least a 10 inch touch screen. I am not so stuck on multi-touch, although I do think if used correctly it adds to the user experience.
  • Support for 802.11 N wireless connections.
  • Must be ready to be used after turn on in less than 15 seconds.
  • Support both landscape and portrait modes.
  • A browser that supports HTML5 / CSS3 with decent JavaScript performance. Okay, I know HTML5 / CSS3 are still evolving but I can wish. The most common use-case for me personally will be reading blogs in bed at night. I really am tired of reading them via the iPhone and am too lazy to start up my netbook. The browser must support plug-ins that deliver rich content (Flash, Sliverlight … etc).
  • Good quality HD video playback at full resolution while streaming from over the wireless connection.
  • Decent speakers and support for headphones.
  • A virtual keyboard that provides a decent user experience.
  • Minimum battery life of 6 hours.
  • Priced $100-200 US. If all my requirements were met, I may purchase this device if it were as high as $300. However, the closer you get the price to $100 then it becomes affordable enough for me to have one in multiple rooms. It would be a nice place to quickly check emails.

What I Don’t Need

  • 3G support. Please, not another pay service. It’s not like I am going to carry this device with me. It will always be in my house and connected to my wireless network.
  • Local storage. I don’t intend on storing data locally. However, I can imagine that this may be great for watching movies while traveling. So an optional model decked out with additional storage could satisfy others needs. I just don’t need it.
  • File System, Traditional OS. I don’t need to install anything on this device. It just has to be a browser. I don’t need to store files, photos, or anything else. All my content will come from the wireless. The device can cache what it needs to make the user experience delightful, but I have no need for a file system.

Here is my ideal user story…

After tucking my kids in, I want to turn on the device and be checking my email, twitter, facebook or other accounts within 15 seconds. While browsing email, I will be able to easily reply to a request in my inbox. After answering email, I want to use the browser to read blog posts that I have marked in my twitter favorites. If my wife happens to be watching something that I am not so interested in, I want to be able to access my media center and watch a full screen HD movie that is 4 hours long with my head phones on in bed. When I am done, I dock the tablet and it recharges.

Those are my ideal requirements. What would yours be?

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