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A Persistent ASP.NET Session Manager

I recently had a need for an ASP.NET Session that lasted longer that a normal web session (one day) and was able to survive application restarts (or IIS restarts). I know there are other solutions that exist.

The jQuery Chaining Pattern Implemented Using C#

If you are a web developer you surely are familiar with jQuery and its ability to chain commands together. For instance: $("#someElement") // Select an element .removeClass("off") // Remove a class .css("background" : "red") // Add a

Browse Files On Remote Computers

I recently posted on an application that was able to monitor the desktops of multiple remote computers. The network topology is shown below. Notice that the remote computers (User 1-6 below) and the Monitoring Station are behind

An Event Based Cron (Scheduled) Job In C#

Wikipedia defines ‘cron’ as… “Cron is a time-based job scheduler in Unix-like computer operating systems. Cron is short for Chronograph. Cron enables users to schedule jobs (commands or shell scripts) to run automatically at a certain time

Image Compression in C# for ASP.NET MVC

The last couple of posts I have been developing a web based application (ASP.NET MVC) that can be used to monitor remote computers. Transporting image data can generate a lot of network traffic and effect the performance

Monitor Multiple Computers Remotely Using ASP.NET MVC

A while ago I blogged about an optimized method of capturing remote desktop views. The method can be used to get a decent remote desktop viewing experience. This was developed a bit here and here. In the

Polling Based Message Bus For ASP.NET Web Services

I have a client / server application where the server is an ASP.NET web service and the client is a WinForm application. There will be multiple clients and they will be deployed behind the firewall of the

Product Review: ReSharper 4.5

Resharper is a tool that integrates with Visual Studio and assists developers in writing cleaner code. What is means to be “clean” is set by a number of rules / policies and any infringment is visually indicated

Best Practices for using LINQ in your Data Access Layer

This post will try to expose some of the issues that commonly arise when you choose to use LINQ to SQL or LINQ to Entity in your application. First a little background. LINQ General By now most

Image Handler in ASP.NET WebForms and MVC

Image handlers allow your application to enforce policy or apply business logic before serving up the image. For example you may want to do one of the following: Enforce authorization based upon user credentials / roles to