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Updated Blog Theme

I spent some time this weekend updating the theme for the Random Sparks blog. The blogging engine that I am using is dasBlog. The benefit of the dasBlog blogging engine is it is written entirely using the

Add Simple Tracking To dasBlog Entries

I was looking for a built in method to display the number of times a particular blog entry had been viewed in dasBlog. After spending some time looking at the API on-line and combing through the source

Creating a Side Bar Widget for dasBlog

I have been messing around with the dasBlog code. Going through code that others have written is a great learning experience. I wanted to extend my dasBlog site by creating a custom side bar widget and at

Posting Blog Content

You can always use the web interface for you blogging engine. However, there are easier ways. I am currently using the following tools. These tools work with the dasBlog blogging engine that I am using. Windows Live

Creating Your Blog Layout and Style

Most blogging engines (I am using dasBlog) provide a number of standard themes for you to use. Generally, the theme can be changed in the admin panel of your blogging engine. Using a standard theme is easy

Setup dasBlog on GoDaddy Account

This should not have been that difficult. The hard thing is that you don’t have access or control over the IIS7 and ASP.NET machine.config. There were many postings on the internet that were somewhat helpful, but none