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Photo Gallery – Silverlight Film Strip

I have done 10 posts in the past building up a photo gallery. The following summarizes some of those past blogs: Roadmap & Requirements – A description of the requirements for the project. Most important was that

Add Simple Tracking To dasBlog Entries

I was looking for a built in method to display the number of times a particular blog entry had been viewed in dasBlog. After spending some time looking at the API on-line and combing through the source

Geolocation via Reverse IP Address Lookup

From wikipedia, “Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an internet connected computer, mobile device, website visitor or other.” In other words, geolocation utilizes a mapping of IP address to physical location (country, region,

Creating a Side Bar Widget for dasBlog

I have been messing around with the dasBlog code. Going through code that others have written is a great learning experience. I wanted to extend my dasBlog site by creating a custom side bar widget and at

Posting Blog Content

You can always use the web interface for you blogging engine. However, there are easier ways. I am currently using the following tools. These tools work with the dasBlog blogging engine that I am using. Windows Live

Creating Your Blog Layout and Style

Most blogging engines (I am using dasBlog) provide a number of standard themes for you to use. Generally, the theme can be changed in the admin panel of your blogging engine. Using a standard theme is easy