Mobile Truck Tracker Web Site

I’ve been meaning to publish a bit on the mobile version of the Truck Tracker application. Previous posts have been created a geo-location service that tracks ‘trucks’ (the application can be used to track any asset as

Truck Tracker Is Live

I have deployed the Truck Tracker application to here for now: The application is built using the following technologies: ASP.NET MVC Google Maps API v.3 jQuery DotNetOpenAuth MySQL NHibernate Ninject The intent of the application is

MvcConf and Truck Tracker Downloads

MvcConf is an online conference where you can learn about creating MVC applications as well as future features of the MVC framework. The first instance of the conference was held on Thursday, July 22 and was FREE

An ASP.NET MVC Truck Tracker Application Using Google Maps

In a previous post we built a MySQL database and a data access layer via a repository pattern implemented using Fluent LINQT to NHibernate. We also wired up this repository in our ASP.NET MVC application using Ninject.

GPS Nerd Is Published to CodePlex

I have been meaning to do this for quite some time. Many of you have been asking me for the code for the GPS Nerd (a.k.a. Truck Tracker) project. My “just one more thing” attitude has delayed

Using Ninject To Manage Critical Resources

This post does not pertain to the most recent (shortly after the release of this post) versions of Ninject. Ninject now handles the deactivation of all objects bound ‘InRequestScope’. Recently a discussion with a reader led to

Trip Recorder Using JavaScript’s Geolocation API and Google Maps

I recently saw Ben Nadel’s blog post that did a great job of introducing the built in browser support for geolocation. I have been meaning to write an iPhone client to collect and save GPS data as

GPS using the Netduino

I recently blogged about using the Arduino board as a GPS data logger. I have been using this to collect geo-location data for the Truck Tracker application. In this post, I will explore using the Netduino for

Create a GPS Data Logger Using The Arduino

Recently I have been developing an application that leverages GPS tracking. The high-level concept is to track mobile assets via GPS tracking. Each asset will have a GPS unit installed that logs its location. With the availability

Using NHibernate in ASP.NET MVC

This is a continuation of a “truck tracker” sample application that leverages NHibernate as an object relational mapper (ORM). I previously created the entities, defined a repository interface, and implemented the repository using NHibernate. During this blog