MvcConf and Truck Tracker Downloads


MvcConf is an online conference where you can learn about creating MVC applications as well as future features of the MVC framework. The first instance of the conference was held on Thursday, July 22 and was FREE to attend.

The conference used Microsoft Live Meeting to connect attendees to one of three virtual rooms. It was possible to connect to all three rooms at once if you wanted. Each virtual room had an outstanding line-up of speakers that presented very interesting and relevant material. I had a very difficult time deciding which room to attend and spent most of my time bouncing around between the three rooms.

The MvcConf team recorded all the sessions and posted the content to the internet. You can currently find all the material for this most recent conference here:

Go take a look at the talks. A lot of good information was shared.

Truck Tracker Presentation

I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to present the Truck Tracker application at the conference.


As promised at the talk, here are the links to the slides and the code.

Slides Code

In addition the MvcConf folks have posted a recording of the presentation here:

If you watch the video, please take a few moments to rate the presentation here:


Thank You!

Great job to all those that organized (Eric Hexter, Javier Lozano, Jon Galloway and others), arranged and ran the conference. Without this vision and effort special events like MvcConf would not happen. Thanks to all the sponsors that made the event possible. Hats off to the presenters for taking the time to share their knowledge. I really enjoyed the day and continue to enjoy the online content. I can’t wait for the next one.

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