Random Sparks Joins The Lounge

I really enjoy writing about and sharing my technical journeys. Recently, I have decided to upgrade my shared hosting account to a virtual dedicated server hosting account. This will allow my more freedom in the types of content I can publish. For instance, since I control the server I can publish ASP.NET content that requires full trust.

Unfortunately, this is a bit more expensive. To offset this cost a bit I looked around for a non-intrusive advertizing network. I really wanted something that was clean, wouldn’t detract from the main content and provided ads that targeted my audience.

After looking around a bit, I decided to accept an invitation to join The Lounge. The Lounge provides high quality advertising that targets Microsoft focused developers. So far, my experience with The Lounge has been great. I had a number of questions before joining that were kindly answered.

I appreciate that my readers enjoy my the content. The money earned from the ads will help cover the cost of hosting. Thanks to The Lounge for providing a professional service and thanks to my readers for visiting.

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