Truck Tracker Is Live

I have deployed the Truck Tracker application to here for now:

The application is built using the following technologies:

  • Google Maps API v.3
  • jQuery
  • DotNetOpenAuth
  • MySQL
  • NHibernate
  • Ninject

The intent of the application is to create a “Nerd Dinner” like application that can be used as a reference to build your own application. I intend on making the source code available and will provide a link on the application site to access the source. I need to do review / cleanup the code added since the last spike and then I will post the code.

I will begin developing a service layer to allow you to push GPS data to the site programmatically. This will allow those of you who want to experiment with GPS to use the Truck Tracker application as a framework to display your data.

I will also be exploring how to get GPS data up to the site myself. The site already supports uploading GPS data files generated by the Arduino GPS Data Logger. I recently purchased a few Netduios and will try to get them working with the GPS module. The exciting thing is that the Netduinos are programmed using the Dot Net Micro Framework. I be looking to add a WiFi shield to the Netduino hardware. This should allow me to roam into a public or my home WiFi to push data automatically.

In addition, I have been wanting to create an iPhone application for some time and will be working on an application compatible with the Truck Tracker service layer soon after I publish the API. If would love having an experienced iPhone developer help with this a bit…any takers?

Adding your own truck (or vehicle) does require that you register via one of the OpenID or OAuth providers. Any trucks that you add can be marked as private.

Here is a screen shot of the home page. The list authentication providers that are available are shown at the top of the list. This screen shot is what you see before you log in.


The truck list on the left are all trucks that are marked as “public”. Once you log in you see the following screen:


Now the login area has been replaced with a menu bar that allows trucks to be managed. The list on the left now shows only trucks that you have added. Clicking on any of the trucks will display the current location of the truck and the last 24 hours of GPS points (note in the image below, this truck has not moved in the last 24 hours).


Once a truck has been selected a “Manage Truck” menu item appears. Clicking that item brings you to the following page:


The top part of this page allows you to update information about the truck. The bottom part allows you to upload the GPS data files generated by the Arduino Data Logger hardware.

Clicking the “Add Truck” menu item displays a page that allows you to add a new truck.


The bottom of the site includes a footer with links to the technologies used to build the site and tutorials on how to get started. This is where I will provide a link to the source code when it gets posted.



I would consider this release as an early “beta” release. I will be addressing issues as I become aware of them. If you find anything, please let me know.

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