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Silverlight Photo Gallery

I have been working on converting the photo gallery ASP.NET application to Silverlight. Previously the application relied on jQuery and a host of web services to deliver a rich user experience. The conversion to Silverlight has been

Create a Custom Silverlight Button.

During the implementation of the Silverlight version of the photo gallery, I wanted to create a custom look and feel for the buttons that will be used in the UI. This “fancy button” will be used through

Photo Gallery – A modal Silverlight login user control.

A common task in any application is to present the user with a modal dialog to gather additional information. The photo gallery uses a dialog of this type to allow the collection of login information. The following 

Photo Gallery – Silverlight Film Strip

I have done 10 posts in the past building up a photo gallery. The following summarizes some of those past blogs: Roadmap & Requirements – A description of the requirements for the project. Most important was that