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MobileMe Scrolling Image Viewer

My friend showed me photos that he has posted on-line in his MobileMe Gallery. Apple did a great job designing this web site. There is a lot to learn from this user experience. One element that I

Web Design Basics: An HTML & CSS Tutorial

Recently I was helping to introduce someone to web design. The person’s enthusiasm for learning about creating web content was apparent. He had already created a web site for his uncle. This content was created using one

Simple CSS Style Anchors For Your Blog

I have been working on my blog style lately. One feature that I wanted to have was a way to easily convert anchor tags into a styled button to highlight a link. For instance, I often post

jQuery Animation

Creating a rich user experience may require the need to have animation on the web page. Of course you can pull in tools like Flash and Silverlight. But sometimes, these are too heavy. If you only need

Photo Gallery – jQuery Film Strip

As previously detailed the Photo Gallery utilizes a film strip on the left and a high resolution view in the center. The previous implementation showed all the thumbnails in a vertical film strip that could be scrolled.

Photo Gallery – jQuery Integration

In the last post, I released a version of the Photo Gallery that utilized ASP.NET and home brew JavaScript. For more information on the Photo Gallery check out the roadmap and previous posts. During this post, I

Photo Gallery – ASP.NET / HTML

This post will be explain the presentation layer of the photo gallery. The content of this post is focused on presentation layer design and how this is achieved using ASP.NET content and cascading style sheet (CSS) for