Monitor Multiple Computers Remotely Using ASP.NET MVC

A while ago I blogged about an optimized method of capturing remote desktop views. The method can be used to get a decent remote desktop viewing experience. This was developed a bit here and here. In the

Polling Based Message Bus For ASP.NET Web Services

I have a client / server application where the server is an ASP.NET web service and the client is a WinForm application. There will be multiple clients and they will be deployed behind the firewall of the

Image Handler in ASP.NET WebForms and MVC

Image handlers allow your application to enforce policy or apply business logic before serving up the image. For example you may want to do one of the following: Enforce authorization based upon user credentials / roles to

6 Security Steps For Your ASP.NET MVC Web Site

The following are some best practices that should be considered and are easy to implement in ASP.NET MVC. I am not a security ‘guru’. In fact there is a lot about security that I am learning. New

ASP.NET MVC Task Manager (aka ‘Mr. Marky’)

In this blog I will introduce an online task manager created using the ASP.NET MVC framework. Here is a demo site and screen shot. Demo Download Background: The purpose of the project is to explore more deeply the

ASP.NET MVC Contact Form

I’ve been meaning to add a contact form to the web site to allow visitors an easy way to send me email. Besides the convenience to visitors, contact forms allow you to keep your email address

Photo Gallery – jQuery Release

My initial goal of using jQuery was to leverage the library to enhance the photo gallery user experience. Along the way, I decided to use AJAX to remove all page post backs (except the first one of

ASP.NET UserControl in an ASMX Service

In my Photo Gallery project I have been looking for a way to remove all post backs and utilize AJAX calling web services to update content. I was having a difficult time moving a static page method

Photo Gallery – jQuery Integration

In the last post, I released a version of the Photo Gallery that utilized ASP.NET and home brew JavaScript. For more information on the Photo Gallery check out the roadmap and previous posts. During this post, I

Photo Gallery – Phase 1 Release

I spent a little time cleaning up some code and putting finishing touches on the phase 1 release of the photo gallery. Recall that phase 1 was an implementation using ASP.NET and my home brew JavaScript. The