Upload Files With Progress

The ASP.NET default handler for file uploads does not easily allow you to provide feedback or control over the process. There are many ways to work around this issue. This demonstrations uses the Uploadify jQuery plugin. The

Web Charts Using jQuery Flot

Many web applications require data be graphed in a line chart, bar graph, or other format. The jQuery Flot library makes it easy to generate these charts.

A Google Maps Version 3 jQuery Plugin

As more and more devices become GPS capable or location aware, mapping will become more pervasive. This is already happening today. This jQuery plugin makes adding a map to your site super easy.

RSS Feed Reader with jQuery and jGFeed

Using jGFeed allows you to create a summary of the latest posts for ANY blog by using the site’s RSS feed. RSS feed data is a standardized XML file format. The JSON that jGFeed provides has all

A Simple jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Many sites these days include a slideshow. This jQuery plugin allows you to add a slideshow on your website using a minimal HTML.