Classical Pong

Go ahead. Have some fun. Play classical pong. This version was written using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery) during an afternoon tinkering session. Play a little. Right-click / view source if you want to see the code.

HTML5 Trip Recorder

This is a web page that uses geolocation enabled browsers to record trips. Works in many mobile browsers. This page uses Google Maps to render the trip. Looks best in mobile browsers.

Simple Veritcal Tabs

Many web sites these days are displaying vertical menus. This is an example of how to create a vertical menu that appears to be connected to the main content area. The tab-like appearance is achieved using only

Make the Web Growl using jQuery

I really like how the Growl application for the Mac works. It provides a notification framework that all applications can use. I often find my self needing to display notifications to the user in my web applications.

A Web Presentation Framework

I decided to develop a web-based framework that I could use to create presentations. This framework includes a default theme, layout styles, and animations. For more information, click the ‘Live Demo’ to load a presentation created with

A Google Maps Version 3 jQuery Plugin

As more and more devices become GPS capable or location aware, mapping will become more pervasive. This is already happening today. This jQuery plugin makes adding a map to your site super easy.

RSS Feed Reader with jQuery and jGFeed

Using jGFeed allows you to create a summary of the latest posts for ANY blog by using the site’s RSS feed. RSS feed data is a standardized XML file format. The JSON that jGFeed provides has all

Building An ASP.NET MVC Web Site Series

Follow through a series of posts that build web application using ASP.NET MVC. Secure Web Presence High Level Design Page Header & Footer Slide Show Area WordPress Integration Authentication & Authorization Scrolling News Area

Fancy Up Your Links

Web designers these days can use CSS and jQuery to render more elegant links to enhance their user’s experience. This page pregressively explores a few options.

Three State Buttons

Many times on a web site you will want to have a button have three distinct visual states: normal, active, and hover. This is easily accomplished using HTML and CSS.