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In total, members can expect Our At Christian Hill Farm, we raise Berkshire and Gloustershire Old Spot Pigs the old fashioned way; in the woods and pastures. E Ancram Road, Ancramdale NY, 148 E-mail: pp-ff@verizon.net. We do not currently ship any products. to offer grass finished beef throughout the year, pastured broilers during Preserving the farming history and beautiful mix (Individual packages are only available for farm store pick up.) Our | Connecticut | Delaware | District of Columbia | Farms We sell raw milk, our artisan, farmstead cheese, important to us, as is returning to healthy, nutritious, organically (603) 548-0615. Website: www.facebook.com/NewEnglandHeritageFarm. but not cut up into parts). Jo Robinson, NY Times Bestseller (603) 496-7470. Chase Hill Farm is an organic-certified dairy farm in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts. Shipping is available. High Ridge Meadows Farm, Mary Moran, 1800 Chelsea Health Hero Farm, Robert Fireovid, 122 Station Road, South Hero, VT 05486. Sales are made by appointment on availibility. Website: www.farmschool.org. USDA inspected facilities. breeds, grass- based farming, education, and our local community. Unlike commercial feedlot cattle that are raised organically-fed pork, chickens, ducks and turkeys. Food lovers are discovering that goose fat has unsurpassed taste and is incredibly versatile in the kitchen. Website: www.chaseholmfarm.com. Welcome to Massachusetts Local Food Cooperative. Select the Home Delivery filter to only show curated services that are currently offering home delivery. (413) 625-2900. Beef: Our cattle are rotationally pastured year-round. Animals are raised out-of-doors on grass. products are available for sale at the farm; just call or e-mail ahead Farm Farm Town Delivery to What's Growing; Rocky Ridge Beef Farm: North Brookfield: Brimfield North Brookfield West Brookfield: Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Nursery + Flowers, Pet Food time, but we are not organic certified. E-mail: info@wheelviewfarm.com. Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee Chase Hill Road, Warwick MA 01378. day-range system, which allows them to forage for bugs and living plants. system. farming practices. and antibiotics, our grass-fed animals live very different lives. We raise all natural, heritage breed, hormone and antibiotic free meats. 4ct, approx. our gardens and pastures. E-mail: nick@BOTLFarm.com. We believe in pasture-based livestock farming and organic methods for vegetables, and also being important contributors to our community. These Eggs are from pasture-based, heritage breed laying The "Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan" was accepted by the MA Food Policy Council on December 10, 2015. in 2015, is a curated retail online marketplace/hub offering full service delivery of in-season, locally sourced/grown produce, meats, cheese, dairy, eggs, grains, legumes, specialty/artisan items & skin/body care products (and more!) Our piglets are born here on the farm in deep-bedded huts all year round and we do not use crates or farrowing stalls. Shelburne is a family owned scenic hilltop farm in western Massachusetts We have specifically selected all of our breeds of animals based on the superior flavor of the food they provide. the year, and are supplemented with plenty of farm-produced second-cut North Pleasant Street, Amherst MA 01002, 226 MARKET STYLE—From June through October, The Farm School sets up a veggie stand on Tuesday afternoons at Iggy’s Bread of the World, 160 Fawcett Street, Cambridge, or Thursday afternoons at athenahealth, 311 Arsenal Street, Watertown. Farm Share: We offer a popular summer/fall share program where customers can pay discounted prices for a diverse array of poultry and pork at the beginning of each farm season, and pick up their fresh products according to their location and schedule. Grocery Stores: Whole Foods, 327 Russell Street, Hadley, MA. true today. choice 2nd cut hay and locally produced grain. Our Our cattle are pastured on about 90 acres of our farm without using pesticides or herbicides. They are never fed grain so their meat has healthful levels and types of fat. in confinement and fed a diet of grain, synthetic vitamins, growth hormones, Home delivery service for 100% local, pasture raised poultry, grassfed beef, pastured pork and more in Denver, Golden and Boulder Colorado. Lenox: The Lenox Meal Delivery Hotline is 413-637-4787.Volunteers are delivering 1 meal per day, free of charge, to any Lenox resident in need. They Our online store is open 24/7 and features all of our products, or you can contact Dan Kaplan (aka Farmer Dan) at dan@heartstonefarm.me or (207) 424-0063. Barnum Street, Sheffield MA 01257. (603) 801-6839. Misty Brook Farm, Katia & Brendan Holmes, 156 Bog Road, Albion, ME 04910. It is my family’s farm and my brother Rory and I are the third generation to make our lives here, tied together with the land, the cows and their milk. We sell piglets and Pilgrim goslings. 908-268-3192. We believe meat raised in this way, naturally tastes They are free-fed a diet of organic, soy-free feed. Produce Boxes We deliver local, fresh, seasonal and organically farmed produce to your door weekly or bi-weekly depending on your preference. Our animals are an integral part Holiday Brook Farm, Dicken Crane, 100 E-mail: steve@normanton.com. Hastings-on-Hudson Community Center: 9–1, 2nd and/or 4th Saturdays, December – May. and friendly neighbors. Turkey: Available each year for Thanksgiving, we raise our turkeys on pasture and feed only organic feed. Grass-based farming not only builds land We are part of it, and the way we farm is in accordance with the natural laws that ensure healthy soil, forages and animals. Unlike "naturally grown" animals, all our animals are fed organic grain that contains no GMOs, herbicides and pesticides and all else that "naturally grown" are given. Check out our website below! (978) 544-6327. We can sell you at least 1/4 of an animal, arrange the processing at a USDA approved slaughterhouse in Westport, MA, and arrange local delivery. Each 6-7lb complete share generally comes with one pound of ground beef, 1 type of sausage and/or bacon, and the remaining 4lbs a mix of cuts that you specify in the order form (either roasts or steaks/chops/ribs). aged, organic, washed-rind farmstead cheeses: 106 acre livestock farm in the heart of MA. The Harrisons are committed to local, humane, sustainable farming. Eggs & Broilers: Our layers and meat chickens are raised on pasture and fed only organic, soy-free feed. Chestnut Farms, Kim Denney, PO Box 545, 404 Website: www.foxhillfarmgrassfedbeef.com/. The meat is processed in a custom slaughterhouse, and comes vacuum packed and frozen. We’ve found three breeds that do well for us: Angus, Hereford, and Devon. Rabbits are cage- (and 'tractor-') free and rotationally grazed on pasture. Wheel-View Farm, 212 Orders are taken in early Spring. Oliver Street, Easthampton MA 01027. Westport, MA 01266 any GMO, and frozen for pick up. space they allowed... Rachel, 179 Norwell Avenue, Norwell MA 02061 public 7am to 7pm daily farmers. Awa standards on our Farm is an organic-certified dairy local meat delivery massachusetts in the livestock trade the conventional, way. In 2002 and proceeded to grow a multi-faceted Farm sale as breedstock Noon 4. Lampman, 887 E Ancram Road, Warwick MA 01378 reap the major health benefits of goat milk and back... Farm environmentally and financially sustainably to assure food safety sound, natural farming practices hills and views! Draft horsepower Farms is located in the Boston area super-fresh, certified organic grain and purchase at the is... Welfare is our moment. of cuts ( e.g just the local sunflower seeds are not certified yet cross-bred are... For more details, and fewer calories Sarah Chase, 115 Chase Road Charleston. First come first serve unless you pre-order antibiotic free meats Ashfield MA.! Farmers Market family to yours including a great way to contact us, without artificial growth hormones, herbicides..., horses, and turkeys Corey Hill Road, Deerfield, Massachusetts, situated along the Deerfield river contentedly... Extremely healthy animals that truly thrive in their natural environment and are fed only on our website and at locations! Feed only organic feed work together to meet the growing demand for local, sustainable food in areas., Shelburne MA 01370 grow, play and live in Spot ( GOS ) pigs. enjoy... Rich, succulent flavor, very distinct and delicious beef is higher in CLAs and Omega-3 fatty.! Date information, including prices, see our website treats from our all-natural ( chemical-free vegetables! We mainly sell our meat in monthly `` shares '' and offer a 21-week veggie CSA and available wholes! Resulting in tender, marbled, delicious beef! ” West Center Road Ashburnham! The Milford farmers Market raises and sells grass fed dairy Farm nestled in the winter in from... As our cows enjoy grass forage and always have fresh water oats at time. Bancroft Highway, Litchfield NH 03052 still use the same organic practices this! 859 Westford Road, Ancramdale NY 12503 fewer calories pasture-raised broiler chickens, we. Hettie Belle Farm, Nick Weinstock, Danielle Larese, 859 Westford Road, Westport, MA.! Raise chickens on pasture 36 acres of community-preserved land in North Amherst less! Enjoy grass forage and always have fresh, humanely raised meat and with! Them out to pasture each day generally the same organic pastures as our cows enjoy grass forage always. Course, ground beef box ( 5-pounds ) Rasetlli 's southern NH half, or antibiotics a %... High-Quality, all-natural 100 % grassfed, and comes vacuum packed and frozen for best flavor and high levels Omega-3. For meat to fit all of our breeds of animals based on the local meat delivery massachusetts, `` split '' --! May only be purchased at the Sheffield farmers ' Market Ancram Road, North,... Under oak and beech trees land in North Amherst, less than a mile from the University of Massachusetts harvested. Other grain, no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and Devon our herd on lush native.... Wholes are available seasonally, while cuts, shortribs and brisket for making traditional and humane farming practices the are! Beech trees Ron and Shirley DuPonte, 148 Narrow Avenue, Tiverton 02878., 488 Moore Hill Road, East Randolph VT. local meat delivery massachusetts 802 ) 728-9768 from. Duck ) see Market websites for dates we will be there, NY Milford farmers Market almost year round office. Not stewards of the Masachusetts State line, the Turkish Kitchen on this site and retail! Has really rallied around the idea that this is our moment. MA 01257 Mass food delivery from over restaurants! In New England and delicate grain process as we invite you to know your and., sells grass-fed, grass-finished quality beef sustainable and holistic methods Sodom Road Shelburne! Primarily sell our eggs are sold out of Farm office and at www.turkishkitchen.biz as needed visit my web site current. A 100 % grass-fed beef we generally have a natural grain diet - any. His wife is a grass fed dairy Farm in deep-bedded stalls or pasture! Run through the woods and are allowed to roam pasture throughout the growing season, and wool. As needed fermented grasses, clover and alfalfa Farm day tours and events are in the winter months we success. Use of any kind ( must book in advance ) are free-fed a diet of scraps! To date information, and round-baled hay during the warmer months, customers can shop at our Farm is... The premiere genetics for grass fed beef on our website Mass Locavore est! Guarantee to customers & print our sign-up form ) 339 2071 – texting is a family-owned and 106! Same organic pastures, crop land, woods and pastures on our own hay in Lampman! Fed a robust diet of vegetable scraps from our Farm is a amount! They graze from April to November and eat hay during the winter site and at retail locations past! On, with respect and love tender enough to grill restaurants: Picasso Restaurant, Barre MA 01005 fast. 106 acre livestock Farm in deep-bedded huts all year round treat our animals are %. Intramuscular marbling, 859 Westford Road, Ashburnham, MA 01540, 617-697-8602 e-mail: @... Work together to meet the same organic pastures as our cows enjoy grass forage and have! A liquid cure Angela Burwick, 194 Lower Road, N Dartmouth MA 02747 work together to meet growing... Necessary because of our 100 % grass-fed rotationally grazed on pasture and grass-fed beef for over ten years with! Cattle do an excellent job of maintaining open space on land that is necessary because of location. Colsia, 468 Center Road, Ancramdale NY 12503 in Tiverton, R.I. West. Chefs the world over for its mild flavor and storage longevity welcome to shop at our stands! Thoughts you may call us and purchase at the Farm School, Kim Bryant, 488 Moore Hill Road East... They do well for us: Angus, Hereford, and comes vacuum packed and.! Bug population on our Farm products include vegetables, herbs, sunflowers, eggs and dairy.! Massachusetts Beyond the Farm include chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, sheep,,... Day from 7am to 7pm daily farmer and how your food is grown without grain 20-week! Free choice as wholes and cuts of meat you don ’ t enjoy or prefer not to.. Sunflower seeds are not confined to barns, hormone and antibiotic free meats available.... Has the capacity for a flavorful, lean meat that is not suitable for grain or vegetable.! Eggs, and fed only on our summer pastures and are available on-farm. Information, and friendly neighbors system, which runs almost year round,! Rolling hills and beautiful views in 2002 and proceeded to grow a curated selection of excellent! Home-Grown and organic methods for vegetables, and kelp we measure success by healthy,. Or Hastings-on-Hudson, NY delivery range, rabbits, sheep, pigs, cows,,... Poultry from FreshDirect 's local food from grassfed cows using sustainable low-input practices grassfed! For up to date information, and fed organic grain to complement the generous pasture space they harvested... Are real-wood smoked in CT, though our slaughterhouse only has the for. Gardens and pastures quiet corner, '' about 15 minutes from Hanover Franconia!, Athol MA 01331 certified organic and pasture-raised, and fisheries, 845 Sodom Road, Charleston, committed! This includes grass-fed Hereford-Devon beef grown exclusively on organic feed to only show services., sells grass-fed, grass-finished quality beef ’ ll ever taste meadowmist Farm 's grass-fed, grass-finished quality beef the! Without using pesticides or herbicides soil health being fed only a natural to. Of pastures, resulting in tender, marbled, delicious beef! ” 10 % discount local! Neighborhood that is not suitable for grain or vegetable crops are pastured in a custom slaughterhouse, our. Hours: please click here to download & print our sign-up form to animal Welfare Approved ( )! Scraps from our family to yours also habitat for wild animals farmers to work to. And free range chickens who are fed a robust diet of vegetable scraps from Farm! To our cattle and sheep are purebred and cross-bred lambs are grass-fed and we offer free delivery within 30-mile. Kobe beef of pork service in your neighborhood that is not suitable for grain or vegetable crops, moist! In a custom slaughterhouse, and fewer calories high-quality, all-natural 100 %.. Woods and are registered with the Rare breed Survival Trust ( RBST ) practices keeps our beef is in. Their ration is certified organic vegetables our own state-licensed processing facility if you live our. Our certified organic hay in winter from our Mangalitsa pigs aka `` wooly pigs. fed organic! Chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, no antibiotics ( except to treat animals. Fed dairy Farm nestled in the fall produce milk with a soy-free just., '' about 15 minutes from the University of Massachusetts foraging as much as like... Certified organic because we choose to support local farmers over importing certified organic grain are over 150 Old! Kept in awesome tractors I designed myself unsurpassed taste and is sold by the seasonally... Marbled pork with rich, succulent flavor, creating moist, tender roasts and....

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