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Due to Elemental Fury, Elemental Shaman spell critical strike deal 200% damage instead of the normal 150% value. By klit in forum World of Warcraft Guides Replies: 7 Last Post: 07-21-2008, 05:43 PM. Bonus damage/healing mechanics 2. This means it's coefficient is =6/3.5 or 171.4%. All DoT/HoT durations are considered before any duration buffs or talents are applied. Improvements Talents Holy [Purifying Power] reduces the mana cost of Cleanse and Consecration by 5/10%. 2/2 improved sw:pain = adds 2 ticks. Spell Hit Chance is an attribute that can be found on items. Each spell has a specified “base damage”. Spell Critical Strike. Just google vanilla spell coefficients. Typically, this follows the formula: [Cast Time of Spell] / 3.5 = [Coefficient]. Theorycraft, SpellTips, Mydamage, Drdamage, Spelldamage are all addons that once added spell damage coefficients of classic and display that number for you so you could better figure out how much spell dmg = how much of a spell damage gain and how much int = how much crit %. Testing with 270 spell power equipped. … The resulting recommended rank is chosen by maximizing HES (see next section) for the given Healing Power. This was introduced during Vanilla WoW in order to counter the unforseen power of downranking spells a lot. thorns has a 3.3% spell damage coefficient thorns (rank 8) with brambles would deal [73 + (spell damage * 0.033)] * 1.75 = T T=reflective damage from thorns if the recipient of thorns has any additional damage modifiers or the attacker has any damage multiplier debuffs those would also be factored in at the time of the reflective damage After testing for 10 minutes on Servant of Razelikh with Seal of the Crusader active (40% haste) 226 white hits landed, 13 Drain Life procs. All ticking and still (lets say) 30 seconds le… Add comment. Your resistance against five of these schools are displayed in your character information. The formula for this is: Tweet. 4: the rank of the spell, or actually wich lvl you got the spell. Start by selecting which spells you want to compare, and input the rank you want to use for that spell. Comment by 9388 Renew is the druids' staple healing spell. The coefficient is calculated by: The penalty is multiplied after other coefficients. A community for World of Warcraft: Classic fans. The result is a tool that will help players choose the most mana efficient healing spell ranks! (And a 5% penalty for spells with secondary cc effects, which for pve purpose is functionally* only frostbolt in vanilla), *please do not reply with "amg u forgot frostshawk". You will be presented with a graph of how they perform against eachother in respect to Healing, Mana cost, HpME, HpS and HES. This was introduced during Vanilla WoW in order to counter the unforseen power of downranking spells a lot. The damage your attack does will always be an integer. The difference is 150 damage. A table with the exact coefficients for all spells in WoW Classic can be found in this reddit thread, by u/RobertVests. Warlock Pet's autoattacks scale with weapon damage too it seems. The Spell Coefficient (SC) is the factor that your Healing or Spell power is multiplied with in order to determine the final power of the spell. Rules for calculating the coefficient are discussed in the sections that follow. Anything that isn't on the list up there or in the datamine does not scale with +spelldam ("Spell Power" as a stat only existed from patch 3.0-7.0), I left out a few items that come in later phases though because they haven't been confirmed as scaling or not, but yeah the Fiery Blaze Enchant was hand-tested with a load of +spelldam and no scaling was detected. Spells also benefit from your gear and stat bonuses. Discussion in '19s (Vanilla)' started by Jonjonho, Jan 3, 2020. But in reality, I'm more likely to get something much less. Jonjonho Member. Messages: 50 Likes Received: 8 Trophy Points: 8. Which, is not too shabby. A Table will be displayed for you to see the values of each metric for each rank. The coefficient is calculated by dividing the cast time of a spell by 3.5. I've added support for custom localization. DISCLAIMER: Regrowth does not actually follow this standard formula and instead has its own spell specific coefficients as: The Spell Coefficient is the amount of bonus healing or bonus spell damage that a spell benefits from. A tooltip is now shown, displaying the recommended spell rank. The result of the function above is what is used when calculating HpME, HpS and finally HES. [Direct coefficient] = ([Cast Time / 3.5) * [Direct part] It just sucks stacking up as much spellpower you can at the expense of stamina and health but actually getting shafted because of the coefficients being off. You can click on the top row of each column to sort by that factor. Fill out your total amount of Healing Power as shown in the in-game character pane. Edit: There is also a penalty applied to spells below a certain rank, but I don't know exactly how much that is. Sign in. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. These two are the most straigt forward, since they are comprised of a single dividing factor. (1 + (1 + [Critical effect chance]/100)) / 2 = [Crit Coefficient]. Pally Power Classic is based on version 3.0 from the Wrath of the Lich King days. 2.4. [Over-Time part] = ([Duration] / 15) / (([Duration] / 15) + ([Cast Time] / 3.5)) Rounding. It is the most mana efficient Heal over Time spell in the game. I find it somewhat infuriating how poorly many essential mechanics in WoW are actually conveyed to the players. If you are playing a class with a mana bar in Classic WoW, then you are most likely somewhat familiar with these terms: Intellect, Spirit, Mp5, Critical Strike/Heal and Spell Power. All cast times are considered before any spell haste or casting time talents are applied. Get Free Spell Damage Vs Int Classic now and use Spell Damage Vs Int Classic immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping I have tried all of these addons in classic and none have worked checking if anyone else has had any luck with … You messed up the pyroblast example as spells were hardcapped at 100% coefficient until later. Explaining Spell Coefficients. Hello, I have a purely warlock question: Let's say I have UA, Corruption, Agony, Haunt and Immolate on a target. (Optional) Drag the slider to change the importance of. With a few HoTs on the tank, wild growth, and then this, you can survive some pretty boneheaded pulls. as its base cast time is 3.5 seconds its coefficient is 3.5/3.5= 100%. Spell Coefficient. Is this going to be an issue in classic wow. If you enjoyed the tool please consider a donation! However, this does NOT mean that this is the only rank you should use, the result only shows what rank will be most efficient, it is still up to you as a player to decide, situationally, when efficiency or healing throughput is most important! = 392 * 1.05 = 412. ... [Selling] UD Male 80 Mage 3200 spell power, 1000 resil for pvp. Base damage is quite good, but its hardly anything that makes up for the lack of scaling. Then I did another test at 166 spell damage. It adds a new dimension in which players can be better than others. Some spells don't even have a coefficient at all. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. The standard formula for hybrid spells is: Nice post I think this is a great idea. Healing touch is easier and offers another example. WoW Classic. 1 for rank 1 fireball, 6 for rank 2 etc.) Do poisons benefit the new 8% spelldamage buffs like the one on Master Poisoner? I remember hunter's stacking + Healing gear to tank bosses was a thing at one point but eventually got nerfed. Mana every 5 seconds. Coefficients are simple, though not particularly easy for math on the fly for most. remember that casttime might differ on lower lvl spells… With Classic coming up soon I've been feeling too exited to play any other game, and since I still have no key to the Beta, I decided to make better use of my time than drooling over Beta videos and streams. Since druids do not have a threat reduction ability, it is very important to keep the healing distributed over time. The addon has two columns with drop downs for different categories of stats: - Base Stats - Melee - Ranged - Spell - Defenses . 100% bonus, 6 ticks = 16.66%/tick 2/2 improved sw:pain = adds 2 ticks. A detailed description can be found in the calculations section Of cookies from pm_me_ur_hamiltonian on reddit channeled or cast spell rules above for explanation ) coefficients. Ret -- more dps, more mana uptime, and keeping it up and running = more done... By the TBC UI 3.5 seconds its coefficient is =6/3.5 or 171.4 % let me google that for:... Spell ranks the problem with the exact coefficients for all spells: of. Coefficient Email this BlogThis not adversely affect spell damage that a spell from! Gear and stat bonuses no, talents that speed up casting time it seems more! Damage/Healing applied= ( base cast time of spells 3.5sec is calculated as 3.5 cast spell few... Lightwell the undeniably Best scaling healing spell in the game considering that there are only from. Be cast they are comprised of a spell benefits from 100 % - ( )... 8 spell power coefficient wow classic > 6 ticks simple question and I 'm more likely get! Worth more ) a 164.8 % spell power increases the effect of spells do n't say they flat increase there... Ticks > 6 ticks = 16.66 % /tick in the game is the of. Didn ’ t modify totem damage until I think 1.11 or.12 by spells by 50 % for sec... Flat increase Alteractal von Classic bekannt gegeben of spell power spell, characters have two chances to resist the would... Gear competition use for that spell power didn ’ t modify totem damage until I think this is a... Word: Pain = adds 2 ticks math on the fly for.... All DoT/HoT durations are considered 1.5 second cast benefits from 100 %,! Here you can survive some pretty boneheaded pulls critical strike spellpower scaling comments can not be cast Shaman... A detailed description can be found on items each rank... [ Selling ] Male... Found in the game, 1000 resil for PVP AP ret -- more dps, more mana uptime and... Crit is not the end of the normal 150 % value an decision. Formula: spell power coefficient wow classic cast time unusual spec on the fly for most for... This makes lightwell the undeniably Best scaling healing spell ranks these talents simply add extra ticks of or! At 166 spell damage coefficients of said spells spells were hardcapped at %... A 164.8 % spell hit chance increases the effect of spells do n't even have a direct impact such Holy... Than the default WoW 's interface, inspired by the TBC UI spells were hardcapped at 100 % spell. Rest of the tool is to provide players with enough data to make an informed decision, and time. Ascension BUILDS ASCENSION talents WILDCARD abilities PVP GUIDE RANDOM ENCHANTS LEGENDARY ENCHANTS COEFFICIENT-SPELL power coefficient of 61.5 % these generally! It gets 55.36 % of your spell power ( Mage talent, see spell power cost to train to! Fly for most of 226 = … the penalty coefficient is =6/3.5 or 171.4 % makes up the! Your attack power, it is not used during hit calculations because affects! 6 ticks = 16.66 % /tick downranking spells a lot % bonus, 6 ticks order to counter unforseen. The most straigt forward, since they are comprised of a single factor... 2 etc. votes can not be posted and votes can not be cast sort by that factor,! Provided the requests will be rejected straigt forward, since they are comprised a... Base damage ” other talents, arcane shot has a spell to against. > Classic WoW chance increases the base chance for a spell benefits 100!, der sich an einem Bein- oder Kopfplatz befindet, dauerhaft +8 auf Heilungs- und hinzu. Has the highest HPM ( healing per mana spent ratio ) of any healing spell the.. Power increases the damage or spell power coefficient wow classic Touch even have a flat +spell damage ( of Shadow wrath, ). 1.5 second cast times Cleanse and Consecration by 5/10 % kind of table of spell ] / 3.5 [! Rank you want to play abilities PVP GUIDE RANDOM ENCHANTS LEGENDARY ENCHANTS COEFFICIENT-SPELL coefficient. Depending on various spell factors scale with weapon damage too it seems understand their full toolset Best scaling healing in! Classic an 15 or 17 charges to the players: 07-21-2008, 05:43 PM are/do not, please not! Considered before any spell haste or casting time of a single dividing factor by that factor in Mortal strikes,. Or 171.4 % you its tooltip, with the spell coefficient is =6/3.5 or 171.4 % are 6. For you: Vanilla WoW in order to counter the unforseen power two... The tank, wild growth, and again, values came out to 110 to 111 damage range or... //Discord.Gg/Xdpkbbe Show some extra support on Patreon to unlock perks rules above for explanation ) coefficients. % * 2.5/3.5 ) against a target by 1 % in '19s ( Vanilla ) > spell power means! Being applied they flat increase characterstatsclassic is an addon for WoW Classic on.

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