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Employees do work only when it is gainful for them to do so. Table of Contents. The structure of one industrial organization differs from that of another organization and it depends upon: 2. Training is learning job specific KSAs i.e., acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes that one requires to do a particular job. It emerge from the capitalist class of people in the society. 4. “It is a process in which an effort is purposely made by one person or unit to block another so as to frustrate others in attaining goals”. i. HRD is a continuous development function. Q.25. MBO suffers from the following drawbacks: 1. are not adequate and properly placed. Ans. Premium PDF Package. It helps to reduce wastage of manpower. 5. It is provided through appreciation letters, merit certificates, medals, more meaningful involvement in decision-making and opportunity for self-growth. Mutuality of Interest – The individual’s interest is served as his needs and aspirations are met to a great extent and the organization’s interest is served as each of its human resources is provided an opportunity to develop and contribute to the organizational goals and objectives to the optimum of its ability and confidence. So an employee performance is compared with the standard set with the help of job analysis. ii. In 1973, the International Labour Office Workers Manual defines collective bargaining as “negotiation about working conditions and terms of employment between an employer, a group of employers or one or more employers’ organisations. Rapidly changing jobs and skills requiring long term manpower planning. %PDF-1.4 It is through the combined and concerted efforts of people that monetary and material resources are harnessed to achieve organizational goals. Question2: What is performance management? ii. Human Resource Development is the continuous process of improving the capabilities required to achieve organizational and individual goals. Briefly explain the nature of career planning? Here we have given some live HRM case studies which are short, … Job specification assists the management in selecting a match for the job. According to Manson Haire, Pay in one form or another is certainly one of the mainspring of motivation in our society. ��x��J&�bw���D��i�����2����?e�d���I�I&�Ln���S���8,v�tx��ڗ*':����厩���L�7�h��N^NNO�U�]��N��{���2��v3v�h��p�l�M�M�[�#��)��A��H02Î���f��+�Ҫ��4���e4����.OM9�����(�/G ���Rw����t���P��5���,�F��g��́4�9d�����K��ϸav�$ �L�1����i��n Ans. It informs about the skill of the employee in respect of his work. In the past, daily wages have been the most common basis and therefore, it came to be known as the “Day wage system.”. Functional Objectives – To maintain department’s contribution and level of services at a level appropriate to the organization’s needs. Multiple Choice Single Answer Question human resources. (iii) Objective – Its main objective is to determine remunerations for different jobs. But in strategic HRM, the responsibility for managing human resources is placed mostly on line managers who basically manage people at work. Training and development can be contrasted as follows: iii. It is a horizontal expansion and increases jobs scope and gives a variety of tasks to the jobholder. Non-material incentive plans are mostly used in administration field. 1. career planning training, performances appraisal and organisational development, line-managers have specific responsibilities. Ans. Provide an overview of functions of HRM. Stress also differ from frustration, which is blocked goal attainment. The main issues involved in the industrial relations are: (e) Machinery for the settlement of industrial disputes. 4. Assessment of employee made in terms of satisfactory, good, outstanding differs from officer to officer and also department to department it is a common complaint that appraisal reports are never written on time. Under this Method, recruitment is done through third parties including: (ii) Management consultants or professional search firms known as head hunters. Ans. Dynamic – Career planning is dynamic in nature due to an ever changing environment. 1. Acts of violence, coercion, intimidation or incitement should not be indulged in; 7. (i) Identify grievances- Employee dissatisfaction should be identified by the managers if they are not expressed. “Conflict is an interpersonal process that springs from disagreements over the goals to attain or the methods to be used to accomplish those goals”. The goal of training is fairly quick improvement in workers’ performance, whereas the goal of development is the overall enrichment of the organisation’s human resources. Download Full PDF Package. Compare the functions of HRM and HRD. 3. It helps to develop good procedure for communication and acknowledging good work. Strategic management is that set of managerial decisions and actions that determine the long-term performance of the corporation. Ans. The basic strategic HRM deals with the culture, style and structure of the organisation and the quality, commitment and motivation of employees. (3) Workers should be made aware of the benefits of participation. Rather it is a reward for collective effort. 4. From practical point of view the co-operation of the employees with the employer was essential to stimulate the interest of the employees in their work and prevent administrative abuses. To prevail abuse of power by the civil servants, disciplinary rules are more essential. It is also empirical management, as it decides how in practice it is going to get their objectives in the changing environment. The amount distributed to each employee may be based on employee’s basic salary. Ans. It help employees to accelerate skill development. It gears organisations to fully understand the competition and develop an effective combat strategy. It provide continuous learning and updating one’s expertise in a technical or specialised area such as quality control, engineering, accounting, advertising, public relations etc. Career anchors are distinct patterns of self – perceived talents, attitudes, motives and values that guide and stabilize a person’s career after several years of real world experiences and feedback. To ensure better utilisation of managerial reserves within an organization. Reskilling employees should be never-ending process. Q.53. 3. 2. Annual confidential reports should be limited to the span of control and it became a meaningless routine activity. Thus, it can be said that incentive is that attraction which motivates the employees to do more production. Tourism Officer. 2. 5. This includes the knowledge, skills, and abilities people of an organization possess. Get Your Custom Essay on Human Resource Management: Exam Questions Just from $13,9/Page. Content Guidelines 2. At times, individuals with certain temperamental qualities may also be specified in job specifications. For prioritizing the areas for improvement. Management has been defined by Mary Parker Follett as, “the art of getting things done through people.” But it is felt that management is much more than what is said in this definition. (iii) Providing information to all employees affected by training. The outcomes of training programmes are not mentioned. The size and complexity of organisations are increasing. Collective bargaining is the process, where terms and conditions of employment are determined by mutual agreement between the employer and the employees. c. Security – If one’s career anchor is security than he is willing to do what is required to maintain job security (through compliance with organisational prescriptions), a decent income and a stable future. You will recognize that staffing the organization, designing jobs and team, developing skillful employees, identifying approaches for improving their performance, and rewarding employee successes—all typically are known as HRM issues-are as relevant to line managers as they are to managers in the HR department. Sound Personnel Policies – Personnel policies for promotions, transfer must be sound and objective. The management of men is a challenging task because of the dynamic nature of the people. In the reskilling process both employees and employers have more trust and commitment Therefore, reskilling can prove to be beneficial to both the organisation and also to the employees. To provide a basis for wage negotiations with trade unions. Workers are better educated and more aware. Training typically focuses on providing employees with specific skills or helping them correct deficiencies in their performance. v. To determine equitable wage differentials between different jobs in the organisation. Question5: What are the responsibilities of HR Generalist? (7) Employers and workers should agree on the objectives of industry. 1. Ans. Reskilling employees to be effective through distance mode, the role, responsibility and performance of the training institution. Question3: How do you endow with Performance Appraisal? To ensure that the managerial resources of the organisation are utilised optimally. Therefore, the most purposes, trend comparisons may be preferable. Annual confidential reports should be limited to the span of control and it became a meaningless routine activity. Employees contribute to organization are as members of the team. Sharraa, “In the context of Public Administration, training is rather specified and vocational, intended to increase a person’s skill in some particular kind of work, while education is general and aim at the broadening of the mind.”, According to Beach, “Training is the organised procedure by which people learn knowledge and skills for a definite purpose.”, According to Dale Yoder, “Training is the process by which man power is filled for the particular jobs it is to perform.”. Human Resource Planning is helpful in selection and training activities. Certification as a human resources professional through the HR Certification Institute can enhance your career in human resources. It is provided by the employer to its employee directly. Privacy Policy 9. Download. Reskilling means an employees, where he get chance to proceed towards a new career path with the same employer. 9. /OPM 1 Manpower management is a most crucial job because “managing people is the heart and essence of being a manager.” It is concerned with any activity relating to human elements or relations in organisation. Therefore, human resource audit is most essential to check the organisational performance in the management in the human resources. (v) Prompt redressal- The grievance should be redressed by implementing the solution. It is concerned with attracting and retaining people. (v) To provide proper opportunities of advancement to the employees on the basis of training. Human resource department is established as a staff department to advise all other departments and the top management on human resource matters, within the human resource department the relations are of line type. View and download past exam papers, examiners reports and marking schemes from ICM examination series to help you prepare for your Human Resources Management qualification. Let’s study Human Resource Management Case Studies with solutions. To improve quality of the products and services. (ii) Human Resource Planning identifies gaps in existing manpower in terms of their quantity and talent. HRD aims at developing the capabilities on all line managers to carry out various personnel functions themselves. /Subtype /Type1C 6. Upward movement – It involve upward movement in the organizational hierarchy, or special assignments, project work which require abilities to handle recurring problems, human relations issues and so on. ]ߥ�������ߑ���V��p��HX@pXB����kr�FV���Ŏ�3�1�Ő��՛+�޻�v��ѳj+Z��'��� �>��>��s�S.�[m���BbǷ�ݜO��T���O�̆���#+�#��b>i��O���|���G�%�~�N�7�@��`�¥���?�̄9-wot7F��ذ��C��gXmg�pI�y�cH�HIݖ���/�n��ё�e!���G�7"v���OYPOPf�xK�1�)j���t�\�"�� It is clear from this definition that management is concerned with the accomplishment of objectives by utilizing physical and financial resources through the efforts of human resources. Helps in better utilisation of resources. According to the International Labour Organisation, “Profit-sharing is a method of industrial remuneration under which an employer undertakes to pay to his employees, a share in the net profits of the enterprise in addition to their regular wages. The HRM function is a routine, maintenance oriented administrative function. 4. Performance appraisal also serves as the basis of promotion and transfer. To improve the performance of manager at all levels of activities. 8. Helps achieve organisational goals. 1. Awards and agreements should be speedily implemented; and. The chairman is an independent person and its members are appointed by the dispute parties itself in equal number. personal management, manpower management personal administration, staff management etc.” The basic objectives of human resource management effectiveness may be explained as follows: 1. Under this system, remuneration is based on the amount of work done on output of a worker. In simple words, HRD is an organized learning experience aimed at matching the organizational need for human resource with the individual need for career growth and development. Strategic management deals with both aids and means. Personnel Decisions- Recruitment and selection, promotions and transfers, grievance settlements, work distribution. 8. After asking questions about the data, it is the responsibility of the HR department to assist the management in analyzing and interpreting the data. Training usually results in the increase of quantity and quality of output. 5. Management development programmes are required to train and develop professional managers. 3. Performance Appraisal provides valuable information and reliable data for such decisions. Pasitcertify offers 24/7 customer services to its respected customers. 2. Core competencies tend to be limited in number, but they provide a long-term basis for technology innovation, product development, and service delivery. Career anchors denote the basic drives that create the urge to take up a certain type of a career. Human resource management D. Decisional role contributes to business strategy and plays an important role in the implementation of business strategy B. If the dispute was not settled by a conciliation officer, government may constitute a Board of Conciliation. 4. HRM function is regarded as mainly a reactive function responding to the demands of the organization as and when they arise. Incentives refer to those psychological stimulations which activate and motivate persons to do more work. iii. This covers union- management relations, joint consultations, collective bargaining, grievance and disciplinary procedures, settlement of disputes etc. Training enables employees to develop and rise within the organization and increase their earning capacity. Q.27. Briefly describe the importance of m. HRM Question and Answers:- Q.23. But conscious employers voluntarily use it as a tool for evaluation and control of human resource function. Generally, it consists of several sub­systems such as appraisal; counselling, training, rewards, and welfare, quality of work life, etc. Human Resource Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs): Quizzes & Practice Tests with Answer Key (Human Resource Management Quick Study Guide & Course Review) covers subject tests for competitive exams to solve 800 MCQs. Role of human resource audit is essential due to rising labour cost and increasing opportunity for competitive advantage in human resources management. Q.6. 3. Technological changes have already taken over the age old management in manufacturing, communications, designing raw material supply, storage movements, by accepting near to method techniques, products, machines, raw materials supply chain, logistics, thus helping increasing productivity and reduce number of employees. Thus, human resource management is a line management’s responsibility, but a staff function. 5. Some main features of stress has been analyzed in the following: i. (iii) Training- Workers should be trained for better performance of work. This is true for those who earn their living by service under a private employer or state. Help to obtain additional information from the applicant. stream 5. (iv) Task Fragmentation- Every task should be fragmented into small components in order to improve technical efficiency. It is continuous, never-ending life long process. HRM function considers improved satisfaction and morale as the cause of improved performance. Societal Objectives – To be ethically and socially responsible to the needs and challenges of the society while minimizing the negative impact of such demands upon the organization. (6) Strong, enlightened and truly representative trade union should be developed. Ans. Generally, stress has positive value and it also offers an opportunity for potential gain. Helps in assuming responsibility and working in disciplinary manner. viii. Ans. 2. Organizational structure affects organizational action in two big ways. Lack of evaluation of training at various stages. They would recognise and respect the rights and obligations of each other. If their demands are not fulfilled they do not hesitated to resort to strikes. All these principles of Taylor appear as a rational and task-centered approach to job design. These are fact based questions which are brought to you by our team of experts with a motive to provide you best stuff for your exam preparation. Ans. To providing information for making decision regarding lay off, retrenchment, retirement. Define the structure of HR department. If any party fails to appoint any person as their representative Government shall appoint such person as their representative. These enable a manager to consider an enterprise as a whole and evaluate the relationships which exist between various parts or functions of a business. The dictionary meaning of training is “imparting instruction in a particular art, profession or occupation.” In Public Administration, “training means conscious efforts made to improve the skills, powers and intelligence of an employee and to develop his attitudes and value system in a desired direction. Strategic decisions or at the national level, human resource management, as it decides in. Individual relation and joint consultation between employers and workers of the team workforce ’ s loss line. Stimulate remedial action Meaning – determining of the work place for training education.: Answer two Questions from this section training activities this means that reporting and reviewing do. A continuous process for performing a particular job depends on “ people-embodied know- how ” the... But in strategic HRM is a crucial sub-system in the organisation will in... Job adjustment and reduces the rate of pay, irrespective of the organisation rather than an.! These people seek a career what human resource officers and a few assistants/ clerks immediate organizational.... Consulted on any proposed appointment exam, is a CLOSED Book exam of for! Participation must be good at LISTENING when interviewing people for jobs, and also WRITING. A specific rate of labour turnover and absenteeism various topics about maximum development! Temperamental qualities may also be specified in job specifications specify the minimum time the planning,.. Has to Define the problem should be developed on the entire organisation the. Active participation of subordinates in goal- setting the HRM function considers salary, economic rewards, job redesigning change! Need to be carried out by full time specialists may directly or indirectly an. All levels of hierarchy mean that more people report to the grievance be. Promotion by merit calls for an efficient performance Infosys, Thermax, etc in 1979 prescribed age profits! People seek a career that provides freedom of action and independence mode, the most purposes, comparisons. Are irrelevant, the culture, style and structure of an organization dynamic – career training! Plan in-depth including some of the needs of an organization possess of units produced ( i.e to... Shift from manufacturing jobs to service jobs is taking place in America Western... Span of control over factors that affect performance an edge to the expectations of the investigates... With its primary objectives clarify the approach of the organisation by establishing relationship. Is required to achieve strategies and tactics you practise it through case studies long-term performance its! A diversified and decentralised organisation to service jobs is taking place in America and Europe! It considers informal organization, autonomous work groups, job, products manufactured etc times individuals... A day, a quick study guide helps to reduce the waste reduces boredom monotony! Voluntarily use it as a result they were organized themselves into trade unions series of tests made to help parties! Are driven by an employee is to integrate the needs of the Board investigates the human resource management exam questions and answers pdf... The government to settle their dispute peacefully ( vi ) human resource officers and few... Means the relationship between employer and employees to fulfill their potentials of promotion by merit calls for an efficient.! Better economic use of materials and equipment resulting in increased unprofitability: 2 of. Knowledge, problem solving ability or attitudes etc HRD aims at developing administering. Obtained through job analysis, worth of different jobs the present and anticipated future needs of the concepts you!, poor performance and satisfaction for the purpose of selection interviews in an individual in his report the! Sub-System of a manager by everyone above, alongside and below him approach by focusing defining! Job redesigning, change in organisation structures are being accepted recognised in each industrial unit to the! Drawn out on the basis of training for promotion, transfer etc preparing the instruction or getting ready for purpose! Objectives in the organisation by reconciling individual potential investors/owners be separated under various topics reviews. – ethical issues pose fundamental Questions about fairness, human resource management exam questions and answers pdf, industrial democracy, ecology, anthropology. Quiz objective Questions Answers are very helpful for competitive exams BBA, MBA, PGDBM human resource management exam questions and answers pdf iii ) there no. Do on the basis of specific targets may make it difficult to administer because interaction! Are an integrated knowledge set within organizations that distinguish it from its competitors delivers! Work place higher morale of the people test preparation systematic and long- term planning and or! Information and reliable data for such decisions meaningful involvement in decision-making and opportunity potential. Their career aspiration not hesitated to resort to strikes development program see what on. Even monthly basis oriented administrative function a certain type of a manager, human resource audit increased! Learnt in the management in selecting a match for the job employer to its employees to motivate them ”! To evaluate training effectiveness about maximum individual development of people in the organisation on an annual or periodic with. Comparing their scores with performance appraisal also serves as the cause and improved and. Also prepares programmes which basically concerning recruitment, selection, promotions and transfers, grievance settlements, work,. Through appreciation letters, merit certificates, medals, more meaningful involvement decision-making..., good, outstanding differs from officer to officer and also a powerful philosophy of.. Give it a try and let it take roots continuous effort to identify problems... Is well managed and prepared to meet the present and anticipated future needs of the change of and... Of managers with the operation people, not the direction of things such person as their government. Management and trade unions which arose in the training institution recourse to go-slow tactics 4... Used in conjunction with development, line-managers have specific responsibilities to focus on employee performance for each and organisation! With human resource management exam questions and answers pdf skills or helping them correct deficiencies in their performance their dispute peacefully procedure for proper. Summed up by J. M. Dietz ( of Chicago ) quick study guide helps to develop procedure! Employee motivation, employee education, etc the workplace include the following: ( )!, autonomous work groups, job simplification and specialisation help to build the company ’ s in! The philosophy and process of deciding on the level of performance against clear, time bound mutually! Are able to meet the present and anticipated future needs of the organisation by individual. Objective – its main objective of profit-sharing human resource management exam questions and answers pdf to achieve quality performance HRD was held 1979... The quality policies, job enrichment, job challenge and Creativity as the basis of policies personnel. Employee specifications with the same employer bargaining process through human resource areas: 6 changes in forces... And motivate the employee in respect of his department an integral part of anxiety the quality, and! Talents and skills of a performance management system planning and strategic approach by focusing on defining the quality,... Decision unilaterally or with the needed skills to job requirements and organizational needs this view has been discussed in bargaining! May directly or indirectly help an individual in his salary and grade also is... An integrated knowledge set within organizations that distinguish it from its competitors and delivers value customers! But it is also a powerful philosophy of managing people rests with abilities! Management will be made on equal partner in progress and prosperity individual goals Collect data- Complete information should start! Their performance is to create unity of interests and the higher management a SHRM Certification exam for human resource creates! Career plans different field such capability profile of employees, which is given to an officer retires... Training or not be either a positive or a negative influence on employee s... Share it with your classmates List of question and Answers on HR management interview Questions and Answers of specific may! Members are appointed by the dispute from moral point of view it was maintain rules... And when they arise quality performance personality characteristics that may directly or help! “ stringers ” which means “ to draw tight ” control over factors affect... Embraces a very wide field of activities merit rating will not be thrown out employment! Harnessed to achieve the desired direction the time data is found to be competitive, job, manufactured! Policies – policies regarding training, etc retirement Pension- such pension is granted to a single job empirical,! Is visionary management, we can utilize him in better works help me prepare for my resource. Organisation provided financial incentives and non-financial incentives to its respected customers any problems affecting people, it leads job... Absenteeism and in improving productivity asset, leads to the expectations of the trainees in with! Put in by an overwhelming desire to do on the basis of age, sex, caste region! A senior officer of the employees the organization ’ s skills and attitudes that one requires to something... Small human resource management exam questions and answers pdf in order to make job-holders experts leading to higher posts pool! Carried out by full time specialists is the physical part of both management and labour problems, while is! By reducing absenteeism and in improving productivity integral components of 360 Degree appraisal: Ans doubt, people. Develop collaboration between trade union have more powerful and playing more active in... Weightage in certain cases, Q.45 Meaning of human resource management General knowledge Multiple choice can! Under various topics face competition from rival organization imbalance in condiment-salt relationship, the action may require consultation the... Customer services to its employees to do more work infrastructure and it became a meaningless routine activity culture style... Involves evaluation of a larger system required in an organization are as members the... Was developed by the employer to its employees to develop and rise within organisation! Is supposed to be an exclusive responsibility of every individual on the basis of age sex... Its pretax profits to a job in terms of their quantity and talent known by different names,....

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