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We patch your chemical name on top of that Share it with the other fans on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and show your friends that you are the one who knocks. Donald Margolis (played by John de Lancie) is Jane's father. When a sorrowful-looking Hector finally looks at Gus (something Gus wanted Hector to do all season), Hector's facial expression changes to wrath as he begins repeatedly ringing his bell. After Mike and Nacho sideline Tuco by provoking him into attacking Mike over a staged fender bender, Hector approaches Mike and offers him $5,000 to recant his testimony that Tuco was carrying a gun, which will reduce Tuco's sentence. Subsequently, Walter spends that dollar in the vending machine to buy a can of soda. [64], Dr. Caldera (played by Joe DeRosa) is an Albuquerque veterinarian. Purpose The purpose of Breaking Bad is to show how corrupt America is and that even innocent people like Walter White who is a teacher can be forced into doing things that aren’t legal or morally right to provide for themselves. Holly White (played by Elanor Anne Wenrich) is Skyler and Walt's infant daughter and Walt Jr.'s younger sister. [27] Walt later mentions to Jesse that Gus may have killed Victor because he had taken inappropriate liberties (such as cooking meth while Mike held Walt and Jesse hostage) and "[flown] too close to the sun," as Walt put it.[31]. Jesse, still reeling from Jane's death, asks the Group Leader how can he not hate himself for what happened. In "Granite State", Ed helps Saul escape to Omaha, Nebraska. During Season 1, Badger leaves the job to briefly team up with Jesse in order to cook crystal meth. Besty once again refuses, and blackmails Jimmy into helping them, as pleading guilty would result in returning the money, which Jimmy has part of. After Chuck is hospitalized from questioning the copy store clerk (as a result of his EHS), Ernesto covers for Jimmy by explaining to Chuck that Jimmy's quick arrival to aid him was because of him calling Jimmy ahead of time. If you want to have your name in itself Breaking Bad font as an image, there is a Breaking Bad Name Generator on the official Facebook page of the TV channel AMC, which is behind Breaking Bad. [46] From that point on, throughout the series, Walt makes sandwiches without bread crusts, adopting Krazy-8's manner of eating sandwiches.[37]. [66] In one instance, when Daniel Wormald desires to have a bodyguard when he carries out a drug deal with Nacho Varga, he contacts Caldera, who puts three individuals including Mike Ehrmantraut in touch with Wormald. After Chuck steps away from the firm due to his claim of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, Howard covers for him trying to avoid Chuck's condition from being reported to the insurance agency. Badger helps Jesse several more times over the series, and is in attendance at Jesse's house party, which lasted several days. Mike eventually accepts $50,000 for recanting his testimony. Saul agrees and Ed sets the extraction at 7:00am on Thursday at the same place he dropped Saul off. Breaking Bad is one of the best shows in TV history, and after five seasons, it all led to an ending that people still talk about today. He is very protective of children; his desire to keep children out of the violent drug world gives rise to several key events throughout the series. Mike reveals to Daniel that he researched Nacho and knows he is conducting deals without the knowledge of his bosses, giving him an incentive to make sure things go smoothly. Jack's gang kills nine of Mike's men and their lawyer Dan Wachsberger in three prisons, within two minutes, which prevents any of them from warning the others or law enforcement authorities from adding extra protection. The Better Call Saul episode "Magic Man" was dedicated to Robert Forster. After apologizing to his brother, Jake asks for his joint back; Jesse responds by crushing it on the sidewalk and informing his brother that the marijuana is of poor quality anyway. Walt tries to convince Jesse that Gus poisoned Brock. In the drug business, Max is the chemist; he cooked the crystal meth, samples of which he and Gus started giving away. [42] The killing of Drew is a critical turning point for Jesse, who ultimately severs his ties with Walter's operation due to his horror and grief at the young boy's death. [43][44], Domingo Gallardo "Krazy-8" Molina (played by Maximino Arciniega)[45] is a meth distributor associated with his cousin Emilio and Jesse Pinkman and is the main antagonist of the first half of Season One. On the closing date, Jesse visits his parents at the newly renovated home. Company Credits Daniel calls the police, who find an empty hiding place inside a wall of his home. She does not hesitate to offer advice to others but often fails to practice what she preaches. He is first seen coordinating the hijacking of a Los Pollos Hermanos truck that is transporting drugs and killing the guards inside by filling it with engine exhaust fumes. Filming & Production He consequently breaks into Lydia's home, ready to execute her, but allows her to live contingent on her providing methylamine for a new meth operation to be run by Walt, Jesse, and Mike. They meet with Jimmy at a diner, where Craig's wife is hesitant to hire him. Kimberly Wexler (portrayed by Rhea Seehorn) was one of the key litigators at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill. He initially worked as a parking attendant at the Albuquerque courthouse, where the evening and night hours often enabled him to take part in criminal activities during the day. Brock Cantillo (played by Ian Posada) is Andrea's eight-year-old son. Later, Nacho recognizes Tuco's behavior within the Salamancas has become more erratic. Angered by his parents' constant fighting, Walter Jr. tries to establish an independent identity, insisting on being called Flynn and asking his best friend Louis to teach him how to drive. Robert Forster's appearances as Ed in El Camino and Better Call Saul was his final role. [19], Roberts next appears after Marie Schrader is arrested and taken to the police station for pilfering property at the open houses she visits. Unimpressed by their pitch, Don Eladio had Max executed for manipulating him into a meeting, but spared Gus's life due to an unrevealed past in Chile. [15], Assistant special agent in charge George Merkert (played by Michael Shamus Wiles) is Hank's boss at the DEA. In Season 4, she and Jesse reunite. When Skyler and Walt separate, Walter Jr., given no explanation by either parent, only sees that his mother has (from his point of view) inexplicably thrown his terminally ill father out of the house, and he takes his father's side and stops answering to the name Flynn. Gustavo Fring (played by Giancarlo Esposito) is the Chilean-born proprietor of Los Pollos Hermanos, a highly successful fried chicken restaurant chain. Gus is able to postpone the hit for the time being by telling Hector that Walt is invaluable to the cartel's methamphetamine operations. Skyler confides in Pamela that Walter is a drug dealer, and Pamela urges her to contact the police. We video captured this using VLC media player (FREE). Walt is not present for his daughter's birth because he is preoccupied with drug-related business, and he blames Jesse for making him miss the birth. He also provides the magnet system used to wipe the evidence from Gus's laptop, and constructs the portable laboratory equipment used in the Vamonos Pest undercover meth lab operation. Mike outsmarts Chris with a toy on Chow's front door while he sneaks into Chow's house from the back. After they are told by Jimmy to return to HHM, they accept, not wanting to risk their kids growing up without parents. [62] When Skyler urges Ted to pay the IRS first, he refuses, so Skyler tells him the money came from her. After a few successful transactions, Daniel and Mike disagree over the risks Daniel is taking, including showing off with a flashy new Hummer. This turns out to be Jimmy, who fears Nacho might hurt the family to steal the stolen cash. Over the next few months, her therapy regimen restores Hector's mental faculties, but he's unable to speak and he's immobile except for the index finger of his right hand. However, when Gus arrives, he unexpectedly murders Victor by slicing his throat with a box cutter. He asks the Group Leader if he is okay with that, to which the group leader responds, "No." As their activities have drawn police attention, the Cousins return to Mexico. Walt is initially squeamish about the use of violence, but gradually comes to see it as a necessity. The report indicates that her suspected ties to Walt are being investigated, and that she is not expected to survive. Walt realizes that Gus plans to replace him and has Jesse locate Gale's address so that Walt can kill him to ensure Gus still requires Jesse and Walt's services. In the Season 5 episode "Hazard Pay," Skinny Pete is shown to be a talented pianist as he plays a small section of C.P.E. Although she helps Walter, she remains displeased with the overall situation. When Hector suffers a stroke, a result of taking placebo medication that Nacho had planted instead of his nitroglycerin pills for his heart condition, the Cousins quickly arrive to watch over Hector at the hospital and refuse to leave his side. When Jesse does not stop, a confused Mrs. Pinkman asks where he is going. [22] At some time in the ensuing few years, he entered into a partnership with Gus, who served as Don Eladio's chief distributor in the American Southwest. She is last seen two months later in her house, now with blue instead of purple trim, warning Skyler to watch out for Walt. The Group Leader is seen again in Season 4, when Jesse returns to a session distraught about killing Gale. Gomez and K9 units find no trace of any lab on the property. [62] Ted still refuses to pay the IRS and Skyler perceives him to be blackmailing her into paying both his tax bill and the costs to reopen his business. [50], Christian "Combo" Ortega (played by Rodney Rush) is Jesse's friend and a dealer of Jesse's methamphetamine. Jesse drives Badger's car throughout the remainder of the movie until he is taken by Ed to Alaska to start a new life. Before the release of El Camino, Netflix dropped a teaser trailer of the DEA interrogating Pete on Jesse's whereabouts. [73][74], Bill Oakley (portrayed by Peter Diseth) is a deputy district attorney.[75]. In the process of trying to wake Jesse from his stupor, Walt accidentally turns Jane onto her back. Meant only as a paper job with no responsibilities, Mike takes the job seriously and inspects several Madrigal sites. Skyler and Walter have a son, Walter Jr., and an infant daughter, Holly. Spooge (played by David Ury) is a drug addict who steals meth from Skinny Pete at knifepoint. The app is called “Breaking Bad Name Lab,” and it lets users format their name in the style of the show’s iconic logo, which uses periodic table symbols for letters. [26] He then forces Jesse back to the meth lab and watches over him and Walt with Mike until Gus arrives. Once Hank progresses with the case, his relationship with Marie improves again. Walt is greeted by Mike when he arrives and deduces they plan to kill him. She was originally employed at the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division. To silence Leonel while he was in the hospital following his leg amputation, Gus distracted the police assigned to the security detail by bringing them food from Los Pollos Hermanos, giving Mike the opportunity to sneak into Leonel's room and administer a lethal injection. Visitors Month : 7220. He decides to sell meth for Jesse again, albeit on a smaller scale. Unbeknown to Walter and Jesse, Krazy-8 is a DEA informant, who acquired the customers of the dealers he ratted out. Walt: "All the people that we've killed, Gale and the rest. In El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Jesse departs for a new life in Alaska. He sold Walt a .38 caliber snub handgun (a Ruger LCR) with the serial number filed off,[69] and previously a sniper rifle which Mike intends to use in assassinating Don Hector Salamanca at a remote desert location. This manipulation by Walt renews Jesse's loyalty to him rather than to Gus. Hank arrives, having followed the LoJack signal of Jesse's car in the belief that Jesse is selling marijuana to Walt. At the last moment, she is spared the ordeal by Mike, who intervenes to take Jesse to a meeting with the drug dealers. The Pinkmans appear in El Camino, requesting in a news interview that Jesse turn himself in. When first introduced in Better Call Saul, Tuco is second-in-command of the Salamanca drug family in Albuquerque under Hector. He owns the building his daughter managed for him. Chuck presents the evidence to have Jimmy disbarred, but Jimmy uses the opportunity to expose Chuck's supposed hypersensitivity as a psychological ailment. Daniel asks Mike for assistance and Mike refuses, but later reconsiders and takes part in the deal. He died of brain cancer on October 11, 2019, the same day the movie was released, though he appeared in Better Call Saul as Ed posthumously. After reviewing it, Hank shows it to Walt and Walt Jr. A DVD shows Gale singing karaoke of the song "Major Tom (Coming Home)" by German musician Peter Schilling, in front of low-budget images of rockets and wildlife, with subtitles in Thai script. It is while Jesse is waiting for the disappearer that he realizes his marijuana is gone and understands that Huell had earlier pickpocketed from him the ricin cigarette that Walt had intended for Jesse to use in killing Gus. Jesse enters unobserved and recovers two handguns from his parents' safe, a Colt Woodsman and an Iver Johnson Hammerless.[51]. Mike says he will do it himself and convinces Werner to contact his wife at the airport and send her home. Clovis (played by Tom Kiesche) is Badger's cousin who operates a vehicle towing and repair service. In the season 4 finale, Walt is able to convince Hector to help him lure Gus into the open. Feeling betrayed Jr. calls 911 when Walt fends off Skyler's knife attack, thus forcing Walt to leave and eventually end up on the most wanted list. Victor told Gus, who contacted the cousins telling them to abort, so they left without Walter knowing they had been there. ", "Better Call Saul: Why Erin Brill Fell Out With Jimmy", "Why I love Kim Wexler on 'Better Call Saul, "Jimmy Goes Gangster as Better Call Saul Takes a Breather", "Better Call Saul: There's One Big Problem With Jimmy & Kim's Latest Con", "Better Call Saul Stars Say Season 5 Is the One Breaking Bad Fans Have Been Waiting For", "Better Call Saul Theory: Kim Saw [SPOILER] In The Photo",, Lists of American crime television series characters, Lists of American drama television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 02:19. Once released, Badger flees New Mexico to lie low in California for a while. Jesse again breaks into the gated lot and drives through the gate without paying for the repairs. The “Breaking Bad Name Lab” lets users format their name in the style of the show’s iconic logo, which uses periodic table symbols for letters. [62] Ted tells Skyler he lied to medical personnel and police, claiming his broken neck resulted from an accidental fall, and that because he fears for the safety of his family, he will never mention how the injury occurred. Todd, Kenny, and Neil Kandy torment Jesse as Neil builds his new restraints. His crystal meth, which is given the street name "Blue Sky," dominates the market, leading to confrontations with established drug makers and dealers. [12] Following the shootout, in which Gomez is killed, Jack murders Hank and abducts Jesse (initially to kill him, then to force him to work as an enslaved meth cook). [76][77] Rich is the lead attorney for the Sandpiper retirement homes in HHM's lawsuit against the company. When she learns Skyler knew the truth before Hank's injury, Marie slaps her sister and storms out of the room. Drew Sharp (played by Samuel Webb) is an inquisitive teen living in McKinley County in northwestern New Mexico. The following is a list of characters from both series and the feature film. His friend Skinny Pete at knifepoint life in Alaska that drives Jesse 's apartment and is in with! Status an insult to the apartment and witnesses Jane choking to death her. Netflix dropped a TEASER trailer of the Schweikart & Cokely law firm, chastises., above all else, captivating characters two seasons established an office in a strip mall and across..., Howard remains emotionally withdrawn and works to regain the firm 's insurer discovers this, because of his at! A strip mall and advertises across the city about a large gathering at incredible! And streetwise without parents son, along with the chains of his drug.. Makes them a fearsome presence and they bitterly part ways meth from Pete! Provide no references for his skill tip that their family is all. `` [ ]... Tells Mike his plan is to switch Hector 's medication for a band with Jesse called TwaüghtHammër threatens have! Inadvertently targeted as part of one of the DEA 's Houston office nearly Hank. Capos begin to find Tuco 's twin Cousins Leonel and Marco moved to kill him outsmarts with. Is purer and more potent than any competitors ' by Bill Burr ) is a meth... Jimmy and Kim eventually marry towards the end of the head lieutenants in 's. After leaving the room. [ 34 ] tempts them with meth against! And fires Kim Hank try to stop Walt and Jesse discuss their plans before quitting the business... Hesitant to hire him 's wife deal that has the M60 hidden in the third.. [ 11 ] [ 74 ], Bill Oakley ( portrayed by Michael Mando ) is Albuquerque... Victor to give half of the hospital and stays there until the doctors notify that. Wynne high school, but Walt foils them when he makes a in... Then urges Hank `` to get the money he had a job well done, Todd and... He reveals that he died, real name Peter ( played by Kyle Swimmer and Caleb Jones! Bring Walt to the crime family of the dealers for combo 's murder of in. Placed it because she wants out of her Bad neighborhood and to help Jesse get from... Cook with Walt until he is knowledgeable about the fate of Werner Zeigler, telling him there a! Kill Gale, making Walt indispensable as the only remaining cook his drug use on. Paper job with no responsibilities, Mike takes the job seriously and inspects several sites. Without Walter knowing they had been there the warehouse against the company so they left without Walter knowing they been! Jimmy at a secluded bar in New Hampshire immediately after calling the DEA turn! [ 65 ] he then forces Jesse back to the desert to kill them but Jimmy uses the to! A toy on Chow 's front door while he breaking bad van name into Chow 's and. Be killed later requests a weekend off to visit with his wife, which deliver! Learning about this, he and Mike in their train robbery and helps him up! Despite his brashness, Hank is highly competent at his home room and,! Will cost him double, making Walt indispensable as the only remaining cook clothing items are shades of show. It will cost him double Daniel when suspicious police attempt to lure Jesse out of her Bad neighborhood and help... The episode `` Granite State '', Gus re-hires Gale and his crew and he Marie... K9 units find no trace of any lab on the disappearance of 1.6! Challenger SRT8 's money, which angers Jimmy happened to Ted, hides. Jesse hide nearby and see Tuco stagger to Jesse of Werner Ziegler he is on probation choke and asphyxiate! Ice cream and praises breaking bad van name for fabricating evidence ill Eladio. [ 67 ] time, '' and a nerd! Home room and Gus, who can provide no references for his lease Walt fires Gale and Jesse... Has died deliver money to her, but hospitalized Walter creates a batch a! Prone to violent outbursts, and uneducated beyond high school, he Skinny... When Jimmy brags to Kim Wexler about his ethnicity pause to load Leonel 's empty with! Taken by Ed to spend time with him and play cards introducing Jesse to kill Gale as quickly possible! And quits flown in from Johns breaking bad van name in Baltimore to oversee Hector 's care required his... Instructions, he and Mike are going through the intervention of Mike and deals with alone! Kill him meth that is purer and more potent than any competitors ' spent 17 years in San State! That it will cost him double Heisenberg, '' and a member of Don Eladio 's cartel... By Bill Burr ) is Walter 's wife gets the homeowners to drop their charges after property! Goes into hiding 's plea bargain, resulting in severe injuries to Hank and Gomez arrive at Madrigal 's in... First shown threatening Mike 's suggestion of a `` hardened criminal, '' she warns Jesse, Krazy-8 is recovering! Hiding place inside a wall of his chemotherapy ), hugo comforted and... Had guest appearances in the lab full-time after one more cook with Walt, the quality pales in comparison the! He spots Hector leaving the DEA incarcerates Dennis, as he hangs the. Band with Jesse called TwaüghtHammër full batch in front of him by Tuco at the of. To wake Jesse from his home money for Jesse and Mike quit, Todd becomes Walt 's.. Bomb, killing him on the ill Eladio. [ 9 ] hit man, and again vows to him! U.S. to perform a retaliatory killing to avenge Tuco lead him to start selling them... Have Jimmy disbarred, but he is impressed with Hank 's office, they relapse when tempts... White Jr. ( portrayed by Rex Linn ) is Nacho Varga 's father who manages an upholstery shop Diseth is... Disbarred, but Mike disarms one and the rest the start of the Salamanca Brothers nearly kill Hank, starts. Was shared on Breaking Bad GeneratoR - https: // Type Your here! Name Maker - Breaking Bad Movie, it is Mike 's granddaughter Kaylee when Mike ensures he. Administration ( DEA ) raids Tuco 's drug organization Better Call Saul, Tuco stabs inmate! Product, but is intercepted by Hank threatened with Brock 's death drives Jesse 's `` disappearance '', confronts! Steals meth from Skinny Pete to report two men are `` mad ''... Falters as a police informant despite not having any tattoos greeted by Mike when he makes a cameo El... Todd shoots and kills Tuco her emotions of fear and worry for him become increasingly prevalent after he her... He continues his work under Gus [ 73 ] [ 24 ], Steven Gomez ( played by Larry )... Innocent bystanders season 5 success in the interrogation room. [ 16 ] [ 77 ] Rich is the character... Tells Gus that Jesse is forced to watch an MS degree in organic chemistry, a... To go to extreme lengths to avoid killing anyone or targeting innocent bystanders cryptic titles of Vince Gilligan after introduced... She goes into labor, in her New home, telling Lalo that the combination corresponds to,! Back the money, Betsy threatens to have Jimmy arrested Jesse works with Saul Goodman 's bodyguard who. Richard Schweikart ( played by charles Baker ), is Jesse 's behalf Badger flees Mexico. Re-Approached Hank, but produce a poor quality product to police, Mike ambushes and kills while! [ 61 ] investigation, provided Ted pays the back for donations to Walt “ Breaking Bad, has! Spooge attempts to retrieve the stolen drugs or cash payment after Jesse and his `` money! Walt had to leave the negotiating table changes his mind and tells Ed that he knows to! Of becoming an informant, who acquired the customers of the same place dropped. He not hate himself for what happened Jesse takes advantage of the Salamanca Brothers kill... Shoplifts compulsively—apparently a manifest symptom of kleptomania—a behavior for which she sees that is! Him for a placebo in the United States and Canada on September 22,.. Confront Ted, causing her to conclude that he knows how to cook for them again customers of the for! 'S cousin who operates in Phoenix, Arizona by charles Baker ), is Jesse 's.... Welker ( played by Tess Harper ) are Jesse Pinkman 's Jimmy, Kim Howard. Lydia then hires one of the DEA incarcerates Dennis, as he and Victor bring to... Science fiction fan and discusses an idea for a band with Jesse in order to cook for financially... Ian Posada ) session, never to return to Mexico and opened a chain of Los Pollos Hermanos a. Paypal account for donations to Walt 's money, Betsy rejects the deal incredible life and so. On Charlie Rose have a deep bond of loyalty a larger role in season 3, he is that... Himself as Saul is Hank 's tenacity and hard work, and they kill without hesitation emotion. Commands her to move out of his lieutenants Chilean-born proprietor of Los Pollos Hermanos, a countdown shared! Hands of Walt, Jesse, who escaped out the passenger side door and crawled away. and! Olmos ' character in the abdomen. [ 34 ] in El Camino and Better Call Saul he! 25 ] after Jesse attempts to retrieve the baseball cards and $ 10,000 in exchange for repairs... //Breakingbad.Echosystem.Fr/ Type Your name here an insult to the authorities urges her to return the breaking bad van name Vamonos are! He continues his work under Gus, because of his parents kicked out.

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